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Hearing care - from your own home

Have you ever walked into a noisy room or been in a windy setting where your hearing aids could have used an adjustment for you to hear your best? Now you can have your hearing aids adjusted remotely, from anywhere, with Beltone Remote Care.



How it works?

With the extra level of personal service, Beltone Remote Care makes your journey towards better hearing smoother and easier - every step of the way.

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Just a tap away

With the help of the free Beltone HearMax app, you can easily send a request to your hearing care professional and receive the new settings with a simple tap on your phone, without the need for an office visit.

Beltone Remote Care will save you time and give you confidence that help is just a tap away.

Beltone Remote Care is easy as 1-2-3

You request assistance via HearMax app.

Your hearing care professional reviews and sends the new settings back to your app.

Tap on your app screen to access the update. You can also rate the new settings in the app. 

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89% of Beltone Remote Care users said would recommend this service to others.

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