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Beltone Serene

Inspiring a new generation

Hear your best in noise with tiny and comfortable hearing aids. Made for Auracast™.

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A new world of audio experiences

Beltone Serene™ connects with new Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio and Auracast broadcast audio, so you can feel more connected, included and social, wherever you are.

See how Auracast works and what you can look forward to.

Inspiring special connections

Inspiration is shared through life’s special connections and stories, bringing generations together. Enjoy an incredible sound experience, even in noisy situations, with tiny and comfortable hearing aids.

Powered by Organic Hearing™, these tailored hearing solutions sound natural, feel natural and connect you naturally to the world.

Hear with confidence

Join in and focus on what people are saying without losing awareness of the sounds around you or feeling separated from what else is going on.

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Colour options

Choose from discreet colours that blend in with hair or skin tones.

Serene RIEs and BTEs colours

Serene Custom colours

Tiny, powerful and comfortable styles

Live life to the fullest
Enjoy astonishing sound quality with all the features and advanced technology you need. Each style gives all-day comfort, all-day battery, is easy to use and is all-weatherproof.

Get the best start to hearing
During your fitting, your hearing care professional will use our onboarding program to help you get the best start to hearing in noise. We're already seeing high satisfaction rates from fellow Beltone Serene users.

Connect with ease

To take calls, just double-tap on your ear
Stream calls from your mobile devices directly to your Beltone Serene hearing aids – just double-tap on your ear or one of the hearing aids when you want to answer or end the call.

Future-ready solution
Beltone Serene connects with Auracast, the latest Bluetooth experience and assistive listening technology to be rolled out globally and in public places, such as stadiums and train stations.

Auracast will let people with compatible devices – including Beltone Serene hearing aids – access broadcast audio directly.

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Improve family TV time

In challenging listening situations like TV time with your family, it’s great to have a little extra help. The new TV-Streamer+, also Auracast enabled, gives you immediate speech clarity and streams the sound from the TV to your ears at your preferred volume.

How-to videos

Reduce extra noise with our app

Use the Beltone HearMax™ app on your mobile device to take control of your hearing.

NEW ‘Hear in Noise’ program
Even in noisy situations, you can easily focus on conversations with the new ‘Hear in Noise’ program that gives you extra support.


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Great things come in 100% recyclable packaging

Your Beltone Serene hearing aids come in packaging created from FSC certified paper and with 47% reduced CO2 emissions* as part of our focus on sustainability.

Unbox and enjoy!

Don’t forget to recycle the box or keep it to use as a handy storage box.

*Compared to previous hearing aid packaging from GN, CO2 reduction verified by Bureau Veritas

Accessories & chargers

Explore wireless accessories


Improve family TV time by hearing the TV your way, at your ideal volume with the TV-Streamer+ accessory. Enjoy the experience with great sound quality.

Premium charger

This stylish portable charger for your Beltone Serene hearing aids can go with you anywhere. It gives you all-day power and works as a powerbank for convenient charging, whenever.

Feeling inspired?

Try Beltone Serene at a hearing clinic near you.

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