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Beltone TV Streamers

With the Beltone TV Streamers, you can enjoy clear sound from your TV or any other audio device – at your own preferred volume – and still participate in conversations around you. It connects directly to virtually any audio device: TVs, stereos or computers, and delivers entertainment directly to your hearing aids.
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The TV-Streamer+ and TV Link 2
are easy to set up and use.

How-to videos TV-Streamer+

Set-up TV Link 2

Using TV Link 2

Improve family TV time

In challenging listening situations like TV time with your family, it’s great to have a little extra help. The new TV-Streamer+*, supporting Bluetooth® Auracast™, gives you immediate speech clarity and streams the sound from the TV to your ears at your preferred volume.

Simply connect and enjoy immediate speech clarity and sound streamed directly to your hearing aids, while your friends and family watch and listen along like normal. The TV-Streamer+ lets you adjust the volume in your hearing aids without interfering with the sound playing through the TV speakers.

*TV-Streamer+ is compatible with Beltone Serene™.

Entertainment at your own personal volume
Beltone TV Link 2 is the first direct-to-ear way to watch TV. It wirelessly streams high-quality stereo sound from your television to your hearing aids—using 2.4 GHz technology. TV Link 2 streams sound from other audio sources as well, including home stereos and PCs.

No need for a relay device or neck-loop. Enjoy the freedom to move about the room as you please.

TV Link 2 gives you lots of listening options. Adjust the TV volume to the level right for you, without changing what others hear. Easily hear the sound you want, even when other people are talking nearby. You can even eliminate “background” room noise, if you wish.
Other wireless accessories for Beltone hearing aids
Small and lightweight device for hands-free calling. 
Small portable microphone you hand over to the person you want to hear.