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Support for HearMax app
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How to adjust volume

How to change programs

How to change program names and Favorites
How to use Sound Enhancer to adjust Noise Reduction, Speech Focus and Wind Noise Reduction

How to use quick buttons

How to adjust the volume of a streaming accessory

How to use Find My Hearing Aid

How to check your wireless connection

How to adjust bass, middle and treble

How to accept and install new settings with Beltone Remote Care
How to restore to previous settings when using Beltone Remote Care
How to request service with Beltone Remote Care

How to add a Favorite

How to delete, rename or change location of Favorites

How to delete one or all Favorites

How to change settings to automatically apply or manually select a Favorite
How to save Sound Enhancer adjustments to an existing Favorite

How to select Nature Sounds (for Tinnitus Breaker Pro)

How to adjust pitch and sound variation (for Tinnitus Breaker Pro)

Frequently Asked Question about HearMax app


Beltone Rely, Beltone Imagine, Beltone Amaze, Beltone Trust & Beltone Boost Max hearing aids are compatible with the Beltone HearMax app. Please see for which app to use if you have other Beltone hearing aids.
Check the list of verified devices on If your device is not on this list, do the following: Connect the hearing aids to the app. If the connection is successful, please try to connect/disconnect the hearing aids and the app 2-3 times to make sure that the connection is consistent after the initial pair. If the connection is unsuccessful, please read the question ‘I’m connecting my Android device for the first time, but it’s not connecting – what do I do?’ 
Please go to to see if your device is compatible. 

Getting started

It depends on whether you have an Apple or an Android device:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: You need to first pair the hearing aids with iOS. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing Devices and your mobile device will search for hearing aids. Open and close the battery doors on your hearing aids. Tap when they are shown in the display and then tap Pair (twice for two hearing aids) and your devices will be paired. Now open the app and follow the flow to Get started.

  • Android device: Open the app and follow the flow to Get started. Do not pair the hearing aids to the device’s OS. 
Please check the following:

  • Are the hearing aids paired to other smartphones in the room? If yes, please unpair/forget from other devices before proceeding with any pairing on a new device.

  • (For professionals) Are the hearing aids connected to an Airlink/NOAHlink before starting the pairing? If yes, please disconnect before proceeding with any pairing on a new device.

  • Are the hearing aids powered on before starting the pairing? If yes, wait to power on the hearing aids until after the pairing process has been started in the app.

  • Are the hearing aids paired via the phone’s Bluetooth menu already? If yes, forget the hearing aid pairing from the device, restart the hearing aids, and pair from the app menu instead.

  • Is the app reporting ‘Try again’ in the pairing or connect process? If yes, power off the hearing aids and try again. If it consistently won´t connect and the device is not whitelisted, the device is not compatible.
(For professionals) Are the hearing aids connected to an Airlink/NOAHlink before starting the pairing? If yes, please disconnect before proceeding with any pairing on a new device.

Sound adjustments

Yes. You will keep sound adjustments for a particular program until you reboot (turn off and on again) your hearing aids. You can also save your settings as a Favorite and choose to have the Favorite automatically apply whenever you enter a specific location. Or, you can apply them at any time you want by choosing that Favorite from the app. 
There are four ways to reset the adjustments you made:

1) Go to Sound Enhancer and tap ‘Reset’ at the bottom of the screen. This will reset all adjustments except volume.

2) Marks on individual sliders for volume, Noise Reduction, Speech Focus, and Wind Noise Reduction indicate default settings. Set the sliders to those marks to reset. Treble/middle/bass are default at 0.

3) If you activated a Quick button on the Home screen, simply tap the button again to deactivate.

4) Open and close the battery doors of the hearing aids to restart them. This resets them to the fitted settings.   

Beltone Remote Care

In the Beltone HearMax app, go to the menu My Beltone. If you see items available under Beltone Remote Care, you have access. If you see ‘Activate Beltone Remote Care’, tap that and follow the flow to get access. If you do not see Beltone Remote Care in the menu, or if you think you should have more items available, contact your hearing care professional who must enable Beltone Remote Care for you. Please note that Beltone Remote Care is available in select global markets. 
You can restore your previous settings. Go to My Beltone, tap ‘My requests and new settings’, then tap ‘Restore to previous settings’ at the bottom of the screen. You can either restore to the latest settings fitted in your hearing care professional’s office or, if applicable, to the latest settings sent to you remotely. Once you choose, you just follow the installation flow.   
Do the following:

  • Check that you have a network connection (Wifi or cellular).

  • If you have a network connection and Beltone Remote Care does not show, place your finger on the My Beltone menu, and swipe down on the screen. This will refresh the menu.

  • GN Online Services may be temporarily unavailable. If you checked the above, please try again later.
Go to My Beltone and then ‘My requests and new settings’. If your request is still active, it is on the Active list. Otherwise, it is on the Closed list. 


If the app loses connection, it is typically the connection between the hearing aids and the mobile device that has been lost. A small red badge on the Connectivity button will notify you that the connection is lost. Go to the Connectivity screen and tap the marked point of lost connection for guidance on how to reestablish connection. 

It is also a good idea to turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile device and turn it on again. On most mobile devices, this can be done in a control panel by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (Apple) or down from the top of the screen (Android). Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off, wait a couple of seconds and then tap it again to turn it on. 

Currently the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max can only connect to the hearing aids while in silent mode.

Please follow these steps to connect:
1. Delete the app from the iPhone
2. Set Silent mode on (the switch at top left corner)
3. Forget the HI from the iPhone
4. Flight mode on
5. Flight mode off
6. Repair the HIs to the iPhone
7. Install HearMax from app store
8. Launch HearMax and complete the connection flow

Some users experience issues with their hearing aids disconnecting after phone is rebooted while running iOS 15.4. To restore the connection, you need to follow these steps:  

1. Open the Beltone HearMax / Beltone HearPlus app 

2. Go to settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing aids.  

3. Go to connected hearing aid(s) and press ‘Forget’ 

4. Reboot hearing aid(s) and reconnect hearing aids in iOS accessibility settings.  

5. Go to Beltone HearMax / Beltone HearPlus app and complete pairing process.  

Note: Avoid rebooting iPhone as this requires repeating the above steps.  

To permanently resolve the issue, please update to the most recent iOS version 15.4.1 released on March 31st.


If you have Made for iPhone hearing aids, you can connect them directly to iOS on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to stream phone calls, music etc. If you do not have Made for iPhone hearing aids, use the Beltone Phone Link 2 to stream sound. For more information, see the Quick guide to connectivity and the Beltone HearMax™ app
If your Android phone and hearing aids support direct Android streaming to Hearing Aids, you can download and install the Beltone HearMax app, open it and press “Get started”. Once the hearing aids are paired with your phone, you can stream directly to them. 
If direct Android streaming is not supported by your hearing aids or Android phone, you can use the Beltone Phone Link 2 to stream sound.

Follow these steps: 

1. Make sure your hearing instruments are updated to the latest firmware version by using ‘Hearing aid software updates’ in your app’s My Beltone menu. 

2. Ensure sure you have the latest version of Beltone HearMax installed, and that you are trying to pair to an Android phone supporting direct Android Streaming to Hearing Aids.

3. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and unpair your paired hearing aids, if any.

4. Open the app and it will automatically restart the pairing flow, which you must complete to bond the hearing aids correctly.

Android phone running Android version 10 or later

Your phone manufacturer must have implemented support for Android Streaming to Hearing Aids in your phone model

 Beltone Rely, Beltone Imagine and Beltone Amaze hearing aids with firmware version 1.0.43 or later

Beltone HearMax app version 1.5.0 or later

When you stream sound directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the hearing aids automatically change to the iPhone program. In order to go back to a hearing aid program, end the phone call or other sound streaming. 

Hearing aid software update

There are two ways to have the hearing aid software updated:
  • Visit your hearing care professional, who can check and update the firmware for you.
  • Use the HearMax app to update the hearing aid software. Navigate to My Beltone -> Hearing aids software update

You will need the latest version of the app to get the hearing aid software update. Go to your app store and make sure the app is updated.

Beltone Remote Care needs to be activated, navigate to My Beltone and click “Activate Beltone Remote Care”. 


Enabling Demo mode means that you can run the app without connection to the hearing aid system. This is useful for demonstration purposes or to try the app. Demo mode simulates the app features as if you were connected to a hearing aid. For example, you can change programs and adjust in the Sound Enhancer. You can choose Demo mode in the entry flow or enable/disable Demo mode under More in the app.
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