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Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

Most hearing loss is gradual and progressively gets worse over time. Often, we don’t notice the symptoms of hearing loss until they become more extreme. Look for these subtle signs and symptoms of hearing loss.

How can you tell if your hearing has changed? Look for these signs of hearing loss.


 It’s hard to hear, understand, or follow the words of others when they speak.


 People seem to speak softly, mumble, slur or drop words, or talk too quickly.

 You often ask people to repeat themselves
 Telephone and video chats are hard to hear clearly.

 On the telephone, you find yourself straining to distinguish words, “plugging” your non-phone ear, or using earbuds at a medium to high volume with your phone?

You sometimes miss text message dings, the doorbell, a ringing phone, or your name being called

You struggle to understand speech in noisy places, such as restaurants.


You prefer the television volume louder than friends and family members.


You hear a ringing sound in one or both ears.

If you notice one or more of these signs of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one, take a few minutes and test your hearing online.

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Is it hearing loss or something else?

Sometimes hearing loss symptoms can be caused by something else, like another health condition or even excess ear wax. Beltone hearing care practitioners are trained to perform a thorough hearing evaluation that includes several steps.


 A lifestyle assessment


A health and hearing health history


A hearing exam with an otoscope examination of your ear, air and bone conduction testing, and word discrimination testing 


A full review of your results on an audiogram 

The best part is that this comprehensive hearing screening is absolutely free and a good way to learn more about your hearing health. Discuss any of these warning signs of hearing loss that you may have noticed in yourself or a loved one with one of our hearing care professionals.

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