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Binaural hearing - benefits of two hearing aids
While it's not always obvious to people with hearing loss, most of us experience bilateral hearing loss, or hearing loss in both ears.
A single hearing aid can help, but, just as eye-glasses improve vision in both eyes, binaural hearing aids (two hearing aids) provide more natural hearing. Your hearing aid professional can tell you whether or not you're a candidate for binaural hearing aids. If so, be sure to experience the way the world sounds wearing two hearing aids instead of just one… the difference is amazing.

Hearing aids—why sets are better than singles

  • Research shows that speech is much easier to understand when hearing aids are worn in both ears. That goes for listening in normal environments as well as in noisy situations. Simply put, while one hearing aid hones in on speech, the other diminishes distracting background noise. The combination makes it a breeze to hear clear conversation.
  • By wearing hearing aids in both ears, sound is able to reach and stimulate each ear's auditory nerve, keeping the nerve actively engaged. Studies have shown that if auditory nerves aren't stimulated by sound, they can slow down and make hearing loss worse. This condition is called Auditory Deprivation. Hearing aids keep our auditory nerves functioning, which lowers the risk of Auditory Deprivation.
  • Wearing two hearing aids can increase your safety and awareness. The ability to know where sound is coming from depends on hearing with both ears. Everyday examples might be turning in the correct direction when you hear your name called, or knowing where an ambulance or fire truck is when you hear a siren in traffic.
  • Two hearing aids more accurately represent the way things are meant to sound. For instance, when music, television, movies, and peoples' voices are heard with two ears, we enjoy a sound quality that's rich, balanced and full. Hearing with one ear can make things sound “tinny” and unnatural.
  • A single hearing aid may require you to crank up the volume to hear. But, two hearing aids let you listen at normal volumes, which minimizes sound distortion and auditory fatigue.
  • Patient satisfaction is much higher for people benefitting from binaural hearing aids, versus a single hearing instrument.

Double your listening pleasure with two hearing aids instead of one! Your local Beltone Hearing Care Professional can demonstrate the binaural advantage at your nearest Beltone Hearing Care Center.