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Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aids

A very small hearing aid that fits comfortably completely inside your ear canal to help with mild to moderate hearing loss.
What is CIC hearing aids?
As the name suggests, CIC hearing aids are worn completely in your ear canal, and are a discreet and—often more affordable—option.
CIC hearing aids are custom fit to your unique anatomy using an ear canal impression to achieve maximum comfort and sound quality. These completely in the canal hearing aids come in a variety of skin tones so they are not noticeable when worn. They are easy to remove with a small, transparent wire. And, they have an assortment of features that improve sound quality, adjustability, and personalization.
The right hearing aid style for you depends on your lifestyle, level of hearing loss, and manual dexterity. Use these pros and cons to have an intelligent discussion about your options with a hearing care professional.
woman showing a Completely-in-Canal (CIC) style hearing aid

Benefits of CIC hearing aids:

  • CIC hearing aids are very discreet—fit completely inside the ear canal
  • They are less susceptible to feedback from a telephone and other noise interference, like wind


Potential issues with CIC hearing aids:

  • Their location—inside your ear—make them vulnerable to damage from ear wax and moisture
  • The position of hearing aid in ear canal can cause occlusion in some patients (a feeling that the ear is plugged up)
  • The small size makes them difficult for some to handle and adjust

Available Beltone Hearing Solutions:

Beltone NW CIC hearing aids are available in the following product families. 
Each product line has different features and capabilities to improve your listening experience.  

Come in for a free hearing screening and consultation and discuss all your hearing aid options with a Beltone Hearing Care Professional.

Beltone hearing care professional with Beltone Amaze hearing aid