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How-to video

Watch the video to learn more about required devices for Beltone SmartRemote.

Frequently Asked Questions about SmartRemote

In which countries is the app available on the App Store or Google Play?
Why do I not see the app on Google Play on my Android phone?
Which hearing devices do I need to use the app?
Why do I need the Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 to use the app?
I have an original Beltone Direct Phone Link. Will it work with the app?
How can I tell if I have a Phone Link or a Phone Link 2?
Which mobile device do I need to use the app?
Which operating system must my mobile device have?
How do I pair my mobile device to my Phone Link 2?
I’ve downloaded the app and paired my mobile device to my Phone Link 2. Now what do I do?
I’ve downloaded the app but I can’t find it on my phone?
Did you remember to disable your phone’s lock sounds, keyboard clicks and other touch sounds?
Why does my app look different from what I see on the web landing page?
What is the difference between the white and the green volume bars?
Can I mute the sound?
Can I mute the sound on ONLY my right or left hearing aid?
Why do I not see the mute function on my app?
How do I make volume adjustments to ONLY my right or left hearing aid?
How do I reset volume to default settings?
Can I use the app to adjust phone volume during calls or while streaming music?
What are the small ‘punch holes’ on the volume bars?
Why can I not change programs while I’m listening to music or am on a phone call?
Why can I not change programs at all? Why do my hearing aids change programs at message alerts, keyboard use and locking the phone?
If I edit the names of the programs, will my Hearing Care Professional be able to recognize them?
Why did I lose my personalized program names that I entered?
Why did the name of the program change when I chose it?
I have turned on the Phone Link 2 but my mobile device is not making the Bluetooth connection.
My phone is connected via Bluetooth to the Phone Link 2 but the app says it is not connected to the hearing system?
What do the lines on the Link screen mean?
What is the red exclamation mark on the Link button trying to tell me?
Can I get the app in a language other than English?
What is Demo mode?
How do I remove the app?

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