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Receiver in the Ear (RIE) hearing aids
Microphone & Receiver-in-ear (M&RIE)

Our new revolutionary hearing technology, Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution (M&RIE), filters and delivers the most natural sound yet. M&RIE is a hearing solution unlike any other. It works with your unique ear shape to collect sound  nature intended.

M&RIE’s innovative inner-ear design effortlessly processes multiple sounds at once. This brings you premium sound quality, a full understanding of your surroundings, and even better speech recognition than before – ensuring you’ll always feel confident about your hearing, no matter the environment.

When you wear Beltone Imagine, you can focus on exactly what you want to hear, without losing out on the other sounds around you. We created all of this so it’s even easier for you to stay engaged and enjoy conversations in social settings.

Only available for Beltone Imagine.

Our new revolutionary hearing technology, Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution (M&RIE)
RIE Receiver-in-Ear style
Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids are the newest BTE style devices on the market, and, the most popular. An RIE hearing aid is comprised of a very small casing that sits behind the ear. The casing houses all of the electronic components of the hearing aid except for the receiver (also called the speaker). This allows the casing to be extremely tiny, so it's barely visible. A narrow transparent tube carries very thin wires from the casing to the receiver, which rests in your ear canal.
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RIE hearing aids offer exceptionally natural sound quality, and can be used with custom-made or standard ear molds, depending on your individual amplification needs. Almost all types of hearing loss can be assisted with RIE style hearing aids.
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