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Baseball coach smiling and happy for his new Beltone Amaze hearing aids

Beltone Amaze™

  • Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss

  • Available in all hearing aid styles 

  • All-day battery on one charge*

*GN proprietary data on file
Amazingly natural sound
  • Great hearing clarity all around with CrossLink Directionality 23
  • Greater listening comfort with Impulse Noise Reduction4
  • Distortion-free sound experience and a dynamic range up to 116 dB SPL5
  • Introducing our smallest non-wireless CIC style yet6
3 Groth (2016)
4 Sjolander et al. (2019)
5 Groth (2018)
6 GN proprietary data on file
Happy Coach talks to baseball players wearing Beltone Amaze hearing aids.
An extra level of care and service
  • Great first fit acceptance with the ‘First Time User – Onboarding’ profile in Beltone Solus Max™ 1.18 7
  • Correct hearing aid wear from the start for the best acoustic performance with ‘Check My Fit’ 8
  • All-weatherproof (IP68-rated) designs for maintenance-free hearing 6
  • All-day battery on one charge 6
7 Koehler et al. (2023)
8 Yang et al. (2022)
6 GN proprietary data on file
Man and wife with hearing aids at family barbecue
Easily stay connected
  • Crystal clear phone calls – whether your clients prefer to stream calls or not
  • Stream music, calls and more from iPhone, iPad or Android™ devices
  • A full spectrum of connectivity with wireless accessories
  • Easy control at your fingertips with the Beltone HearMax™ app
Bluetooth hearing aids for Android
Beltone Amaze testimonial

“I love the way Beltone Amaze sounds with my mandolin, I was able to hear upper harmonics that I didn’t even know I was missing! Beltone Amaze creates a fuller environment and I can enjoy the sounds of life more”

Do you want to try Beltone Amaze?

Fill out this form and get directed to a local hearing care professional who can guide you and help you try Beltone Amaze.

Hearing care professional talk to man about hearing aids
Design & styles
Beltone Amaze is available in all styles:
  • RIE models are small and discreet – enjoy the options of lithium-ion rechargeable battery model (RIE 63) and replaceable battery models (mini RIE 63 & RIE 64).

  • Custom models –  25% more power efficiency replaceable batteries to stream music and other audio.
  • BTE models – with replaceable size 13 batteries

Learn more about RIE models

Learn more about custom models

Learn more about BTE models

Rechargeable hearing aids | Beltone Amaze

 Beltone Amaze Features

  • Type of hearing loss
  • Design and styles
  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Additional Features
Looking for help with your new hearing aids?

See our support section where there are resources such as user manuals and how-to videos for getting the most out of your Beltone Amaze hearing aids. 

Coach wearing hearing aids talks to happy kid