Cleaning Guidelines for Hearing Aids

Here’s what you can do to ensure your hearing aids are sanitized and ready to deliver optimum performance for many years to come.

Your hearing aids were a major investment in your health and overall quality of life, so keeping them in excellent working condition is important. And that requires regularly cleaning your equipment to:
  • Remove dirt and bacteria
  • Maintain crystal clear sound quality
  • Ensure you can tell when and if your hearing changes or your hearing aids suddenly require professional adjustment or repair
    Before beginning a cleaning, be sure to check out some how-to videos. Beltone’s YouTube channel features detailed instructions for cleaning various hearing aid models, as well as videos about swapping out batteries or domes.
    Also, be sure to pick up a good cleaning kit to make the job a lot easier. Beltone offers specialized Cleaning & Care supplies for keeping your hearing aids looking and working their best. Always avoid applying generic cleaning chemicals to your hearing aids that might prove caustic and possibly damage sensitive components.
    Alternatively, for an even easier solution, check out Beltone’s PerfectClean device for an all-in-one system that will clean, disinfect and dry your hearing aids automatically.
    If you’d like to perform a deep cleaning your hearing aids on your own, hearing what to do:
    1. Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning. Even better, put on a pair of disposable nitrile gloves.
    2. Wet a soft cloth with a 70-90% alcohol solution such as isopropyl, Methyl or ethanol alcohol with 10-30% purified water (better yet, use Beltone’s Cleaning Spray and/or Cleaning Wipes)
    3. Wipe the hearing aids until no debris is visible. Dispose of the cloth.
    4. Get a new cloth and repeat the process for at least 60 seconds.
    5. Do not submerge the hearing aids in the alcohol solution or any other fluid (except when using Beltone’s PerfectClean system)
    6. Place the hearing aids on a clean cloth surface to dry.
    Remember: If you purchased your hearing aids from Beltone, your equipment comes backed by Belcare, our program of ongoing care of protection for the life of your hearing aids. From maintenance to repairs, you can count on your Beltone hearing care professional to deliver the timely support you won’t find anywhere else.

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