Five Things You Don't Know About Hearing Aids

Do you believe that you or a loved one may be experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss? If so, hearing aids may be the right solution for you. Read ahead to learn more about this ever-improving technology.

Hearing aids have come a long way since Beltone started helping people with hearing loss more than 80 years ago. Advancements in Bluetooth streaming, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery power, and digital sound processing have made the hearing aids of today smaller, more precise, and more effective than ever before.
Read ahead for five quick facts about hearing aids to help you as you search for the best solution for your particular hearing health needs.

1. Hearing aids are advanced medical devices

Although there are earbuds on the market that may in some way enhance environmental sounds or voices, true hearing aids are advanced medical devices containing sophisticated technology. In addition, hearing aids have slimmed down from the big, bulky devices of the past. Most hearing aids today are designed to be extremely cosmetic and select equipment styles available from Beltone are nearly invisible when worn. Perhaps more importantly, this streamlining of the size of hearing aids makes them a lot more comfortable for the wearer!

2. Connectivity has significantly improved

Gone are the days when only select hearing aids could connect to smartphone or sound-enhancing accessory. Beltone’s current hearing aid models allow you to hear phone calls, music, audiobooks and more streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad or compatible Android smartphone. And in addition to wireless streaming from smartphones, streaming is available from premium accessories that can help you hear clearly during phone calls, while watching television, and more.

3. No more swapping out batteries

Hearing aids are smaller than ever, so that means smaller replaceable batteries. Even yet, Beltone’s top-rated hearing aids are available in rechargeable models with portable chargers. Besides being more convenient, this option is a major benefit for those with vision or dexterity limitations.

4. Smartphone apps keep you in control

Thanks to the Bluetooth functionality mentioned earlier, Beltone’s latest hearing aid models are compatible with intuitive smartphone apps that allow you to remotely manage the performance of your hearing aids. These apps allow you to check battery status and adjust volume, or even handle more advanced fine-tuning features such as controlling speech focus, noise and wind filters.
Additionally, for those suffering from tinnitus, Beltone offers the Tinnitus Calmer app for those who wish to manage their tinnitus and find relief from their most intrusive symptoms.

5. Remote customer care is now available

Working with a hearing care professional is essential in treating hearing loss and maximizing the benefits of hearing aids. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time travelling back and forth from your audiologist’s office. At Beltone, we offer our customers Remote Care as needed for additional consultations and even remote adjustments of hearing aids. This support is offered as part of our industry-leading Belcare program of ongoing support and protection for the life of your hearing aids.

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