How to Change Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Do your Beltone hearing aids use replaceable batteries? Learn more about the batteries and how to change them.

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If you own Beltone hearing aids, you know they’re made to fit your lifestyle while helping you to hear what matters. In addition to an excellent variety of styles, many Beltone hearing aids are available in either a rechargeable or replaceable battery version.
Continue reading to learn more about the replaceable batteries for your Beltone hearing aids and how to change them as needed.

Step 1: Activate your hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries come in five different sizes with universal color coding. Verify that you have the right size for your hearing aids before opening a new package of fresh batteries. If you’re unsure about the batteries your hearing aids use, visit our support page or contact your Beltone hearing care professional.
Hearing aids commonly use a type of battery known as a zinc-air battery. Unlike standard batteries, zinc-air batteries require oxygen to function. The battery is activated when a small sticker on the back of the battery is removed and the zinc inside is exposed to air. Be sure that you’re ready to use a battery before removing the sticker.
Wait a full minute to allow the new batteries to absorb oxygen and activate.

Step 2: Remove the old batteries from your hearing aids

Remove the old batteries from your hearing aids based on the instructions on our support page or provided by your Beltone hearing care professional. Remember that replaceable Beltone batteries are not rechargeable and must be discarded after use.

Step 3: Insert new batteries into your hearing aids

Hearing aid batteries have a positive side, which is smooth, and a negative side, which is slightly raised. Insert the new batteries into your hearing aids with the positive side up, so that the smooth surface is all you can see.
If you have installed the batteries correctly, you should be able to easily close the battery compartment. If it seems difficult to close the compartment, double check that you installed the batteries correctly.

Additional tips for changing your hearing aid batteries

  • When changing your hearing aid batteries, place a hand towel on the surface of the table. That way, if the battery drops, it won’t bounce off the hard surface, and it will be easier to find.
  • Depending on your hearing aid style, how long you wear your hearing aids each day, and whether you do a lot of wireless streaming, your hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from three days to a couple of weeks. When the batteries are low, an intermittent beeping sound will notify you that it’s time to replace them.
  • Both heat and humidity can shorten the life of zinc-air batteries, so store them at room temperature.
  • Interaction with other metal items can short-circuit your hearing aid batteries, so store them away from keys and coins.
  • For optimal performance and battery life, open the battery compartments whenever you’re not wearing your hearing aids. This will limit battery drain and prevent moisture buildup.
  • Turn your hearing aids off when they are not in use.
Understanding zinc-air batteries, learning to replace them efficiently, and facilitating long battery life will help give you the best hearing experience possible from your Beltone hearing aids.

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