Are Hearing Tests Free?

If you’re noticing hearing loss, you may be considering getting your hearing professionally assessed. The good news is that Beltone makes the process for a hearing assessment easy.

First and foremost: you may have noticed that, at Beltone, we use the term "hearing assessment" to refer to the service we provide that measures your degree of hearing loss. We generally avoid using the term "test" because it can have specific cost and service implications for Medicare and insurance providers, and we don’t want to risk any negative impact on our patients by using potentially problematic language. Our focus is on patients, not definitions!

There are many companies who use the term "free online hearing test" despite the inaccuracy of the word "test" in reference to the online assessment experiences in question.

The hearing assessments provided by Beltone are free—both the online hearing assessment and the in-person hearing assessment conducted by a Beltone hearing care professional. If you are found to have a treatable level of hearing loss following your free in-person appointment, you may choose to pursue treatment and purchase hearing aids.

It's time to hear what matters

The Beltone Online Hearing Assessment is a quick and simple way to gauge whether or not you should book a free appointment with your local Beltone office for a more in-depth hearing consultation.
And yes, taking this helpful assessment is 100% free!
Here’s what you need to know before beginning your free assessment:
  • Make sure you’re sitting in a quiet area with good-quality headphones or earbuds available.
  • Turn off the television or stereo and close any nearby windows or doors to drown out background noise.
  • Read the tips on the Online Hearing Assessment page.
  • In the main section of the Online Hearing Assessment you will be asked to identify specific sounds.
You will receive results at the end of the assessment. If your results demonstrate that you are experiencing hearing loss, the next step is to schedule an in-depth assessment at your nearest Beltone location.
Your consultation with a Beltone Hearing Care Professional will include a discussion of your hearing health history, additional tests and a thorough examination of your ears using different methods. Click here to learn more about what to expect at your first appointment.

Concerned About Your Hearing Loss?

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