Everyday Noises That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Make no mistake, our ears are sensitive.  Every day, we put them through a lot. 

While you may hear just fine now, continued exposure to every day noises may cause trouble down the road.  When we think of hearing loss, typically, one thinks about it as a symptom of old age, but it can affect anyone.  Particularly those who don't take care of their health and don't protect themselves against the loud noises of everyday life.
It is recommended that you listen to levels 75 decibels or below to help preserve your hearing. Unfortunately, not all noises can be controlled such as traffic noises or overhead airplanes, so it’s important that you take other steps to protect your hearing as much as possible.
Below is a list of the various things we hear every day that can play a big role in hearing difficulty and what decibel range they would be considered.

85–100 decibels:

Garbage truck
Power mower

110–140 decibels:

Rock concert
Nail gun
Ambulance siren
Stereo system at maximum volume
It only takes one minute of exposure to these sounds to develop permanent hearing loss. Now that you know the source of the dangers, what can you do about them? 
Here are some suggestions of daily habits you can do to protect your hearing.

Headphone use:

Listening to music at high volumes through headphones can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Not wearing ear protection at your job:

Common jobs that require ear protection include military jobs, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, carpentry, plumbing.

Lack of exercise:

Poor health has been shown to be linked to hearing loss. Check out a previous blog post where we cover the importance of regular exercise to preserve hearing.


Chemicals in cigarettes can affect your overall health, including your hearing, as it damages the tiny mechanisms in the ear that aid in hearing ability.

Having an infection:

Not properly treating ear infections can cause damage over time, which can contribute to hearing loss.

Excessive drinking:

Studies have shown lifelong drinking can disrupt the brain’s ability to interrupt sound.

Poor dental hygiene:

Bacteria found in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, which causes heart problems.
Take good care of your hears and pay attention to any warning signs to prevent hearing loss from ever happening, or preventing it from getting worse.

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