Halloween safety tips for hearing impaired children

Halloween is fun for many children.  Wearing costumes, collecting candy and spooking others is always a great time.  Halloween for hearing impaired children, however, can be difficult or even dangerous.

The following are some great safety tips that parents and grandparents can follow to ensure their children and grandchildren can enjoy everything Halloween has to offer, while staying safe!
  • Stay away from masks.  Wearing a mask can dislodge or block hearing aids or even block their vision. Encourage children to be creative with their costume by using more face paint.
  • Using reflective tape or flashing items are a great way to have them stand out during the darker hours of trick-or-treating.  Sometimes, they may not be able to hear what's always around them, but with bright tape and flashing items, they will be easier to be seen.
  • If you don't have reflective tape or flashing items, have them carry around flashlights or glow sticks.  This will help them get around and be seen, but also help them find their hearing aid in case they pop out.
  • Instill the importance of always using crosswalks to get across streets and not take shortcuts.  Approach the crosswalk, look left and right and cross when no cars are near.
  • Draw out a map of a basic route for them to follow.  This is a great way to keep them on a basic path and gives them some direction, making it easier to find their way home.
These are just some quick, easy ways to make Halloween fun and safe for your children and grandchildren. 
Happy Halloween!

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