Hearing Aid Accessories Help You Stay Engaged

Whether you’re keeping up with the news or chatting with a loved one, you can find a wireless hearing aid accessory that makes the experience easier and more enjoyable. Read ahead to learn more!

Beltone wireless accessories make it easier for you to interact and stay engaged in any situation. While things like cleaning equipment and batteries are essential accessories for many hearing aid users, wireless accessories are an optional addition to your equipment that can greatly enhance the experience of wearing hearing aids.
Read on to learn how some of our popular wireless accessories allow you to stream almost any sound directly into your hearing aids, without bothersome connectors around your neck.

Beltone TV Link 2

The Beltone TV Link 2 is the first direct-to-ear accessory for watching TV. Stream sounds directly from any TV or other audio device to your hearing aids for a seamless entertainment experience with crystal-clear sound. Easily hear the sound you want—at your own personal volume—while still participating in conversations around you and moving about the room as you please.

Beltone myPAL Micro and Pro

Let’s face it: Chatting with someone in a noisy environment is a challenge whether you have hearing loss or not. That’s where the Beltone myPAL comes in. Available as the myPal micro or the myPal Pro, this device acts as a small, portable microphone that you can hand to the person you wish to hear—whether you’re in a quiet living room or a noisy mall food court! The myPal captures sound clearly and streams it directly into your hearing aids, bringing the conversation or entertainment closer to you. Better yet, the myPal Pro acts be used as a tabletop unit for capturing the conversations of multiple people simultaneously.

Beltone Remote Control

Choosing how you hear has never been easier with the intuitive, handheld Beltone Remote Control 2. You can discreetly adjust the volume in one or both hearing aids and change hearing aid programs without even looking. And the easy-to-handle design with large push buttons ensures you’re always in control.

Beltone Phone Link 2

The Beltone Phone Link 2 not only makes sure you’ll hear the phone the next time it rings (even if it’s in your purse or handbag), but will allow you to speak with the person on the other end hands free.
In addition, the Phone Link 2 serves as a remote control to adjust hearing aid volume or change your environmental programs whether or not you’re on your iPhone or Android smartphone and using the Beltone SmartRemote app.
Each of these Beltone wireless accessories are based on the gold-standard 2.4 GHz frequency band used in today's most advanced wireless products. And our proprietary technology produces a superior audio signal that transmits up to seven times more data than competitors' systems. The sound produced by these accessories is exceptional and delays are virtually non-existent.
What does all of that technology mean for you? Simply put, it means true hearing freedom!

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