How to Overcome Fear and Get Treated for Hearing Loss

Fear causes people to wait as many as 10 years to seek treatment for their hearing loss. Here’s how to overcome fear and begin hearing better sooner.

Are you hesitating to get your hearing checked professionally out of fear? There are some compelling reasons to put your anxiety to the side and seek treatment sooner rather than later. Here are four common fears debunked.

#1: I am afraid of getting bad news.

No one enjoys a doctor’s visit, especially when they might receive bad news. However, untreated hearing loss has been shown to increase the risk of dementia, social isolation, depression, and falls. Suffice to say, it makes a lot of sense to get checked out as soon as possible.

 #2: I am afraid that hearing aids will make me look old.

Hearing loss can cause you to ask people to repeat themselves, listen to the television too loudly, or respond inappropriately during conversations with family and friends. These behaviors can make people appear much older than if they were to wear a hearing aid.
Furthermore, hearing aids have come a long way in the past decade. There are models that fit directly into the ear canal and are barely visible. Other models resemble Bluetooth devices. Your hearing care professional can assist you in finding the best model for your lifestyle and hearing goals.

#3: I am afraid to go to the doctor.

Beltone hearing screenings are 100% free, easy and entirely painless. You will have a conversation with the hearing care professional about your lifestyle and hearing and health history. Then you will be guided through the steps of a thorough hearing screening, including:
  • A visual examination of your ear using a video otoscope
  • Tympanometry (ear drum test)
  • Air and bone conduction testing
  • Word discrimination testing
  • Signal in Noise (SIN) testing
At the end, the hearing care professional will go over your results using an audiogram, or a visual representation of how well you are hearing, and discuss the next steps with you.

#4: I’m afraid my hearing aids won’t work right.

Hearing aid technology has made significant progress. They can now better distinguish between conversations and background noise, making it easier to locate the origin of sound. They can remove feedback without sacrificing sound quality and automatically adjust to your environment.
However, it's true that hearing with a hearing aid is different, and your body will need time to adjust. Your Beltone provider will work with you to try different models and make adjustments until you're satisfied. Many people worry that hearing aids won't work for them because their friends dislike theirs. But at Beltone, we offer the opportunity to try our hearing aids in the office!
Beltone's latest model, the Beltone Achieve, features RemoteCare, a groundbreaking technology that's an industry first. You can use an app on your smartphone or tablet to initiate a dialogue with your hearing care professional from wherever you are. You can even receive fine tuning and adjustments from the comfort of your home, without ever having to visit an office. The Achieve offers the best hearing-in-noise solution Beltone has ever had!

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