Is It Safe to Fly With Hearing Aids?

So you’ve recently planned a trip to visit your family or relax at a vacation destination. But before you board an airplane, here’s what you need to know about travelling with your hearing aids.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler who recently bought hearing aids or a long-time hearing aid wearer planning your first trip, you may have questions about taking your hearing instruments with you on a plane.
The good news is your hearing aids will work perfectly fine when you’re up in the air. Beltone recommends that you wear your hearing aids throughout the check-in and boarding process and flight, so that you don’t miss important announcements or instructions from TSA or airline employees.
Here are two additional things to know about the check-in and boarding process:
  1. According to TSA rules, you are not required to remove any hearing aids or cochlear implants during the screening process. However, some additional screening, “including a pat-down or inspection of a device” may be requested if your hearing aids set off the metal detector. In this case, simply explain that you are wearing hearing aids and follow the instructions of the TSA officer.
  3. If you’re not wearing your hearing aids while you go through security (you should though, as you don’t want to miss hearing important announcements), but are stored in your carry-on luggage, a security officer may opt to manually inspect them.
Once you’re up in the air, be sure to keep your hearing aids on so you don’t miss important instructions from the airline attendants or pilot. It may be requested that you turn off your phone, but don’t worry: your hearing aids will continue to function normally with or without a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device.
If your ears start to pop or get plugged up, do what you normally would do in that situation: chew gum, yawn, drink water, etc.
Safe travels!

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