United States Presidents With Hearing Loss

While dealing with hearing loss is never a pleasant experience, it is not as uncommon as you think, and with a little help, hearing loss can be completely manageable.

In fact, many people with hearing loss continue to have completely normal lives.  Some even hold the highest political position in the nation. The following is a list of United States Presidents who had a history of hearing loss.

George Washington

The first president of the United States took office after serving years as a general in war.  Being so close to violence, Washington was constantly exposed to the loud sounds of shootings from rifles and canons. Documents showcase from the end of Washington's life note that it was difficult for him to follow conversations.

Thomas Jefferson

Another victim of hearing loss due to rifles.  As an avid hunter, over time, his hearing became victim to the constant loud shooting.  He even personally noted once in a his journal stating that his hearing, "is distinct in particular conversation, but confused when several voices cross each other, which unfits me for the society of the table".  This particular issue is one of the most common hearing problems people face and one of the most embarrassing for them to deal with.

Theodore Roosevelt

"The Rough Rider" himself faced a hearing difficulty that left him completely deaf in one ear.  After his term as president, he had an abscess removed from his ear drum in his left ear that unfortunately kept him from hearing in that ear.

Ronald Reagan

Although Ronald Reagan served in the military, it was actually from a black .38 caliber that caused his hearing loss.  It went off too close from one of his ears and that's what started the problems.  When he was inaugurated in 1983, Reagan became the first president to wear hearing aids while in office.  Because of this prominent public exposure, hearing aids rose in sales and research.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton loved to play the saxophone and surround himself with music.  It was this constant exposure that actually damaged his hearing.  Because of this in 1997 he was fitted with a nearly invisible hearing aids.  To this day, former President Clinton encourages people to get their hearing checked and discusses the importance of wearing hearing aids when necessary.
No matter your age, or profession, you hearing is an incredibly important aspect of your life. 

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