Beltone Announces Collaborations with Lantos Technologies & OtoSet® by SafKan Health to Continue to Elevate their Standard of Care to Patients

May 17, 2022

By leveraging the power of its independent network, Beltone is pleased to be able to offer world-class partnerships at affordable prices to help differentiate their practices

GLENVIEW, Ill. – Beltone, the nation’s leading hearing care retailer continuously works hard to improve the hearing of patients in the communities they serve, and today announced two new opportunities that further elevate their standard of care through collaborations with Lantos Technologies and OtoSet by SafKan Health which Beltone has made available to their independent network of local business owners. By leveraging its nationwide network of independent businesses, Beltone is able to identify and source technology at a scale and advantageous price point beyond what an independent practice can do on its own making a meaningful difference for those who are part of the Beltone network. These collaborations will help improve patient experiences by providing the latest technology and innovations available in 3D ear scanning and ear cleaning services at participating locations.

Knowing that 4 out of 5 people who would benefit from hearing aids never experience the life-changing benefits they offer, Beltone is excited to offer the advantages of the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System to its owner network as an additional way to simplify the journey for patients in need of hearing care. Lantos’ patented technology creates a 3D rendering of the unique geometry of the ear, enabling more efficient production of custom hearing devices for a more comfortable fit and better sound quality. This innovative and less-invasive process will allow Beltone providers to create a more comprehensive and seamless experience for their patients while enhancing the already amazing benefits of Beltone hearing aids through an impeccable custom fit.

To address the need for a safer and more effective solution for the over 35 million Americans with excessive earwax, Beltone is pleased to offer the benefits of OtoSet which is the first automated and FDA cleared ear cleaning device clinically proven to remove mild to severe earwax impactions. OtoSet combines and controls the two most popular methods of earwax removal, irrigation and micro-suction, which draws out earwax for an easy, safe, effective, and mess-free procedure. This collaboration affords Beltone providers accessibility to an innovative ear cleaning service while also creating greater access to care by reducing referrals and enabling more patients to be treated at the initial point of care.

“As a provider, I’ve been dreaming of working with scan technology for years, and now it’s a reality that I get to share with patients thanks to 3D ear scanning with Lantos,” says Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Beltone West, Kory Castro. “As a practice owner, I view it as one of the biggest differentiators we can use to stand out from competitors. With the industry changing so rapidly with OTC, I believe it is extremely important to focus on providing an unparalleled patient experience.”

“OtoSet works very well and removes the wax so much different than other methods and our practitioners have really enjoyed transitioning to this method of wax removal,” says CEO & Founder of Beltone New England, Michael Andreozzi. “In the marketplace today, I truly feel we always have to be a step ahead of other hearing care practices and OtoSet allows us to do this as well as keep our patients inside of our offices vs. referring them to outside doctors or medical centers with excellent results.”

These world-class collaborations are rolling out now at participating Beltone locations across the U.S. For those looking to join the Beltone network to take advantage of these great opportunities, they can get more information about all the outstanding support and services Beltone provides to their independent network by checking out

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About Lantos
The revolutionary Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System uses patented technology to map the unique 3D geometry of the ear in order to provide personalized hearing solutions for everyone. Lantos is the leading provider for 3D ear scanning in the hearing industry, with an approachable business model that removes the equipment cost up front and focuses on a subscription-based purchase for the single-use membranes. The Lantos team is creating the new standard of care for hearing health, elevating performance for consumer audio, and enabling the next generation of innovative in-ear products.

About OtoSet® by SafKan Health
According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, excessive or impacted earwax is present in 1 in 10 children, 1 in 20 adults, and more than one-third of the senior population. OtoSet® by SafKan Health is the first automated and FDA cleared ear cleaning device. At the push of a button, liquid flow and micro-suction technology combine to automatically break down and remove impacted earwax for a quick, safe, effective, and mess-free earwax removal procedure. In 2021, OtoSet® was recognized as a winner of the Hearing Technology Innovator Award™. Learn how healthcare providers are reducing referrals and treating more patients at