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Make every day amazing with Beltone Amaze

We are thrilled to announce our latest and greatest hearing solution—Beltone Amaze™. Enjoy an amazing hearing experience with some of the most innovative features available.
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Check out Beltone Amaze, our most amazing innovation

With Beltone Amaze, you can look and hear your best while feeling comfortable and carefree. These hearing aids are rechargeable. Just three hours of charging provides 30 hours of battery life. They are easy to adjust to hear better in every environment. They seamlessly sync with your devices, so you can stream music, movies, and phone calls right to you hearing aids. And, they conveniently connect you to your hearing care professional for ongoing, remote technical support. 
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We are your hearing care partner

After 79 years, we feel comfortable calling ourselves experts in hearing care from design and manufacturing to patient care. We strive to be your hearing care partner right beside you every step of the way from your first hearing screening to ongoing follow-up care and support. These are just some of the ways we empower our patients.

  • Ongoing research and development to design and manufacture innovative hearing solutions equipped with the latest technology
  • Extensive training and education for our hearing care practitioners to ensure you receive the best care and service
  • Lifetime care and protection through Belcare, one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs
  • Over 1,500 locations nationwide, each one part of the community it serves
  • Hearing care professionals and staff who know you by name and provide a personalized experience and ongoing support
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Your journey to better hearing starts here

One of the most common conditions among older adults, hearing loss affects one in three people over 65. Even though it impacts so many, hearing loss can make you feel all alone.

Our goal is to support you on your journey to better hearing with tools and resources to help you identify the signs of hearing loss and learn about the many solutions. We are here to lend our expertise as you choose the hearing device that best suits your needs and lifestyle.
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Find a hearing solution that fits your lifestyle

The people we serve are at the heart of our design process.  We believe that hearing aids should accommodate your life, not the other way around. 

Our hearing solutions mimic natural hearing, easily adjust to your environment or activity, and conveniently connect with your technology, like a television, smartphone, or tablet. 

Our HearMax app allows you to talk with your hearing care professional wherever you are and for them to fine tune your hearing device remotely, so you can skip the office visit.

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Test your hearing from the comfort of home

Many people lose their hearing so gradually, they don't immediately realize it. They learn to adapt their behavior or avoid situations where they struggle to hear.

Does it feel like everyone is mumbling? Do you struggle to hear when your back is turned? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves? These are some early warning signs of hearing loss that hearing aids can remedy.

Our free online hearing test can help you identify potential hearing loss without having to leave the couch! Take the first step toward improving your hearing and your quality of life.
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Discover Beltone Trust 

With Beltone Trust, you will always look your best and feel comfortable. These hearing aids adjust automatically, synch with your other devices, and connect you to your hearing care professional for ongoing, remote technical support. You can choose from a variety of virtually invisible hearing aids that come in an assortment of colors to match skin tone or hair.

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Learn about your hearing health

Curious what foods you can eat to protect your hearing health? Interested in tips to clean and care of your hearing aids? Want to know how to help a loved one coping with hearing loss?

Check out our blog for all this and more on hearing health, hearing loss, hearing loss solutions, and our amazing hearing care providers. 
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Award-winning technology

Beltone has won many awards, among them the Red Dot award 2014
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Red Dot award 2015
Beltone has won many awards, among them the People's Choice Stevia Award Favorite Product 2016
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Webby Award Honoree 2016
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Big Innovation 2017.
Beltone has won many awards, among them the Edison Awards 2017.