Beltone Releases Full Line of Products for Managed Care Patients

June 30, 2021

The Benefit by Beltone portfolio includes Beltone Celebrate XB™ and Beltone Celebrate XC™ hearing aids, representing a full range of technologies, form factors and price points

GLENVIEW, Ill. – Beltone (, the nation’s leading hearing care retailer, has unveiled a dedicated product portfolio for its managed care patients. The Benefit by Beltone portfolio encompasses the Beltone Celebrate XB and the Beltone Celebrate XC product lines. Together, they provide a full line of hearing aid technologies—covering form factors to fit any degree of hearing loss and including behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-ear (RIE), microphone-and-receiver-in-ear (M&RIE) and custom styles. Additionally, both Beltone Celebrate XB and Beltone Celebrate XC come in a range of colors to suit any wearer.

“This portfolio provides everything hearing professionals need for their managed care patients, with a range of technology levels from basic budget offerings to the top-of-the-line with M&RIE—the world’s first truly tailored hearing experience,” said Mike Halloran, president of Beltone. “This offering truly reinforces our commitment to provide patients with the best possible sound quality, support and customized products.”

Beltone has won multiple product innovation awards in the past year for its revolutionary hearing technology. Additionally, the company’s wireless accessories make it easy for patients to engage and interact in any situation—whether they’re watching television, following a conversation from a distance or talking on the phone. The Beltone Celebrate line also features rechargeable models that provide 30 hours of battery life on a three-hour charge.

The Beltone Celebrate XB hearing aids use the world’s first M&RIE (pronounced Marie) hearing technology. M&RIE works with the patient’s unique ear shape to collect sound the way nature intended, putting a microphone directly in the ear instead of behind it. This allows users to focus on the sounds they want to hear—even in a complex, noisy environment—and manage multiple sounds at once.

The Beltone Celebrate XC hearing aids are designed for any degree of hearing loss, and the advanced technology delivers clear sound in any environment. It allows both devices to work together to help patients focus on the most important sounds, even in noisy environments.

Hearing health providers are fully supported by a range of training and marketing materials that support patients and educate them on the Beltone Celebrate XB and Beltone Celebrate XC product lines.

“With these products, Beltone is continuing to make a difference in the communities we serve by providing access to hearing solutions for even more people,” Halloran said. “This portfolio provides additional options to reach the 30 million Americans who have an untreated hearing loss.”

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