senior couple-woman in yellow with hand to man's face
senior couple-woman in yellow with hand to man's face

Why Beltone? What Sets Us Apart

At Beltone, you get more than just hearing aids—you get a hearing partner that’s with you every step of the way. Our hearing care professionals take the time to get to know you to ensure we create personalized care tailored to you, every time. No matter the case, we’re here for you whenever, wherever and however you need it.

We’re Experts in Hearing Care

Beltone’s hearing care professionals lead the way in training and education, so they’re always equipped to provide you with the absolute best care.

We’re Experts in Helping You

When you visit a Beltone Hearing Care Center, you’ll find a team that’s committed to providing personalized solutions for your hearing loss.
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Award Winning Real Experts

From our customer service to our technology, our dedication to customers like you has brought us top national recognition.

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The Beltone Foundation

If financial hardship or location is a barrier to you obtaining hearing care, the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation is here to assist you.
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Better Hearing for Over 80 Years

When in doubt, go with experience. Beltone has delivered best-in-class hearing care to generations of satisfied customers.
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senior man with trumpet

Products Made for You

Beltone products are made with you in mind. Every hearing aid, app and accessory is designed to make it easier for you to hear what matters the most in life.

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Help Center

Your hearing care is more than a one-time purchase. Beltone is ready to support you with information about our services and your life with hearing aids.

Browse our Help Center to find the support resources you need, or try our guided help tool to find exactly what you need.

senior couple-woman talking in man's ear
senior couple-woman talking in man's ear

Locally Based Hearing Support Close to Home

Every one of Beltone’s 1,500 locations nationwide is part of the community it serves. The hearing care professionals and staff at your local Beltone will remember your name, listen to your story and support you on your journey to better hearing.

female consulting senior couple
female consulting senior couple

40k Five-Star Reviews

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