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Come Grow with Beltone

The U.S. hearing aid market is growing at a rate of 6% annually. It is estimated that one in four people who need hearing aids actually own them. As the stigma of wearing hearing aids fades, and technology delivers more innovative solutions, the future of hearing care is exceedingly bright.

Not only is consumer demand increasing (the 65+ population is projected to grow by more than 50% by 2035), but our sophisticated advertising and marketing campaigns are driving record numbers of customers to Beltone stores – where we earn a remarkable 98% satisfaction rate.

We hope your interest in Beltone is growing, too.

National Corporate Opportunities

Corporate positions support all aspects of the organization including: headquarters, field practices, or globally with Beltone and our parent company The GN Group. 

Independently Owned Beltone Practice Opportunities

Join a team with a passion for making a difference in hearing care. Filling one of our many roles will provide you the opportunity to work directly with patients in your community. Practice roles include: Hearing Care Professionals, Patient Service Coordinators, and other Office Staff.

Own a Beltone Practice

Our owners are entrepreneurs building thriving businesses with a brand that is invested in their success. If you want to run a profitable business and also enjoy personal fulfillment by helping others, you’ve come to the right place.