What is a “Beltone Authorized Dispenser”?

1. To ensure that consumers receive the best hearing care available, specific standards must be met to become a Beltone Authorized Dispenser.

2. All Beltone Audiologists and Hearing Care Practitioners must be licensed by their respective states, and are required to complete ongoing training programs specific to hearing deficiencies, hearing evaluations, Beltone hearing instruments and Beltone fitting software.

3. Beltone Authorized Dispensers are specially trained to fit you with Beltone hearing technology.

4. Only Beltone Authorized Dispensers provide BelCare—a 12-point program of ongoing aftercare for you and your hearing aids, for as long as you own them. Among many benefits, BelCare™ includes:

  • Complimentary annual hearing evaluation
  • Refund policy on hearing instruments
  • Patient care phone line
  • Extended warranty
  • 'Lost, Stolen and Damaged' coverage
  • Nationwide coverage

5. Beltone Authorized Dispensers are qualified to conduct a comprehensive Beltone hearing evaluation, as well as trialing and demonstration programs, using Beltone hearing aids and accessories.

6. Beltone Authorized Dispensers use specialized software and tooling to service Beltone hearing instruments.