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Even Avengers Wear Hearing Aids: Hawkeye Wears Hearing Technology?

Does Hawkeye Wear Hearing Aids?

Odds are, you’re probably at least somewhat aware of Marvel’s Avengers. After all, the beloved comic book characters have gone from first being featured in comic books in the early 1960s to in the last decade alone, lying at the center of the most successful film franchise in history.

The success of these films has spurred countless pieces of merchandise, spinoffs and games designed to explore other aspects of these characters’ lives while also making a few extra dollars for Marvel Entertainment and its parent company, Disney.!

One such example is a series called Hawkeye, which recently debuted on the Disney+ streaming app. It centers on one of The Avengers’ most human characters, Clint Barton, more commonly known as Hawkeye — the acrobatic marksman whose story hinges on his love for his family. Another aspect of the character’s story that many viewers and critics have been discussing is one that has gotten our attention, as well: Barton wears hearing aids throughout the series.!

Seeing Hearing Loss Portrayed As Normal Is a Positive Thing

Seeing Barton’s hearing loss used as a plot device is refreshing to us as hearing professionals. Why? Because hearing loss is a normal thing!!

Although seeing one of “earth’s mightiest superheroes” wear hearing technology might come as quite a surprise to many viewers, in our estimation, it makes quite a bit of sense. Just consider the number of explosions and other loud noises he and the other Avengers have been exposed to and the substantial head trauma they’ve no doubt experienced.!

You Don’t Need To Be a Superhero To Need Super Hearing

Let’s bring this all back to reality: The fact of the matter is that anyone is a potential candidate for hearing aids because hearing loss is a normal part of aging.!

Even things like heart health, smoking, poor oral hygiene, a lack of exercise and yes, intergalactic crime fighting can have a negative effect on your overall hearing health. This is why we strongly encourage that anyone over the age of 50 has an annual hearing exam, so they can start tracking the progress of their hearing health, and intervene as early as possible if and when hearing loss is detected.!

Think about your own universe. Think about the loved ones who consider you to be a hero in their lives. Wouldn’t it be a shame to no longer be able to hear the sounds of their voices, especially knowing that you have an opportunity to prolong your hearing health longer by acting sooner?!

This is precisely why the hearing care professionals at Beltone take the time to understand your concerns about your hearing needs, the places where you feel you’re having difficulty and the activities that are most important to you. We want you to have the confidence that you deserve in these situations.!

So many patients have told us that when they know they’re hearing their best, they can suddenly feel their best, too. Don’t you deserve to hear your very best, especially when it means you have the opportunity to have more conversations, share more laughter, and create more memories?!

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