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Hearing Aid Warranties: 3 Things to Consider

Protecting an investment is not a new concept – whether it’s a new home, or the newest Smartphone out on the market. As a consumer, you want reassurance that if something were to happen to said home or phone, that you would be protected. You take out insurance on the home and purchase extended warranties on your phones.

Posted 05-26-2016 by Marketing Department

Now, you find yourself in the market for a hearing aid. While it may be a bit daunting to think about buying a hearing aid, it doesn’t have to be as scary as many people may have led you to believe. Here at Beltone, not only do we offer select financing options, but all of our 1,500 offices nationwide offer warranties on your hearing aid purchase.

Here are 3 things to consider when it comes to your hearing aid warranty.

State-by-state Differentiation
Be sure to look into how your specific state of residence handles warranties on hearing aids. Each state has different rules and stipulations set up. You don’t want to be caught off guard by hidden fees, etc.

Extended Warranties
Hearing aids supplied by a Beltone practitioner come with 1-4 years of warranty coverage depending on the model. Given that a typical lifespan for a brand new hearing aid is 6 years, it may be worth your while (and investment) to inquire about extended warranty options if you choose a model with only a 1 year warranty.

Protecting your Investment
A Beltone hearing aid purchase includes our BelCare service. With this free program, you will receive regular cleanings of your hearing aids along with a two year protection for a change in hearing loss. While you may keep your hearing aids clean and in tip-top shape, things do happen. Your beloved dog may decide your new, tiny investment is the perfect chew toy.
Have that peace of mind while you fall asleep at night, knowing your hard earned investment will be protected.

Did you know? Each Beltone hearing aid comes with Lost, Stolen and Damaged Coverage for the same period of time as the warranty. It is a one-time loss coverage. If you have a 3 year warranty and lose your hearing aid on Day 1, then the coverage ends after that hearing aid is replaced.

Want more information about Beltone warranties? Call 1-800-Beltone to schedule an appointment with your local Beltone office today. Think you may have a hearing loss?  Take our online hearing test to determine if you have hearing loss.