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Hearing Aid Warranties

The devastating damage caused by hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma affected thousands of people.  At Beltone we pledge to support those who lost or damaged their hearing aids, regardless of what brand they wore. Beltone users will have their Lost Stolen & Damaged co-pay waived to help replace their current technology. 

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Posted 09-21-2017 by Nick Eugenis

Those who did not wear Beltone devices prior to the storm will be supported through the Beltone Foundation.  If you have hearing aids that were negatively affected by the storms, please call us at 1-866-521-7164.

For those who were not affected, but still are curious about the excellent Beltone warranty services we offer, the following is information regarding post-purchase warranties for our Beltone products.

Hearing Aid Warranties
Hearing is one of our most important senses.  We don’t realize its importance until it’s damaged, or even worse, gone.  A hearing aid brings a wealth of benefits to those that need them.  It instills comfort and confidence in their lives and when something goes wrong with a hearing aid, it’s imperative that it gets fixed as quickly as possible.

All new Beltone hearing instruments carry a standard warranty that lasts 12 months from the date of purchase and covers any manufacturing or material defects.  If there is a defect through no fault of your own, bring the hearing aid back to your Beltone Hearing Care Center and we will begin the process to fix or replace it.

Additional years of warranty coverage can be purchased beyond the standard warranty based upon your lifestyle and personal needs.

Hearing Aid Loss, Stolen and Damaged policies
It’s no mystery that accidents happen every day.  We often forget our valuables in public, or are clumsy and break the things we own.  At Beltone we offer a plan within the first 12 months that provides for a replacement of a hearing aid that is either lost, stolen or damaged.

Lost Stolen or Damaged replacement covers all sorts of scenarios.  If you accidentally leave it out in the open and Fido decides to make it his new chew toy, this is covered under the plan.  If you are just forgetful and accidentally leave it somewhere and you don’t remember where, we’ve got you covered!

BelCare Protection
All Beltone hearing aids come with an exclusive BellCare protection plan.  This is one of the most comprehensive aftercare programs available.  The coverage begins from your very first hearing screening and lasts through the life of your hearing instruments.  This free program includes regular screenings, cleanings and a two year hearing loss protection for a change in hearing loss. 

Under the two year hearing loss protection plan, if a new test reveals a permanent and measurable increase in sensorineural hearing loss within two years of your original purchase, Beltone will provide you with a more powerful hearing aid (new or upgraded) based on your original purchase at no charge.  Furthermore if you move or are on vacation and need your hearing instrument serviced, you can receive service at any Beltone office across the United States.

Another benefit of the BelCare Plan is the yearly hearing evaluations.  These are done at your local Beltone Hearing Care Center.  During these visits, you will receive a comprehensive hearing evaluation at no additional cost.  The evaluation is used to monitor your hearing health and will determine your eligibility for an upgrade in your hearing device.  When completed, you will receive a full analysis of your hearing, which could be beneficial in tracking issues before they get worse!