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Can You Hear the Sounds of Spring?

Spring has finally arrived.  Depending on what parts of the country you live in, you may still be shoveling snow, but for others, the sweet sounds of spring is music to your ears.

spring sounds
Posted 03-23-2018 by Nick Eugenis

What are these sounds that sound so divine?  Below is a list of the Spring sounds you want to make sure you don't miss.

Birds singing. You know warm weather has arrived when the sun forces you to take off that winter coat, but also because you hear birds chirping and singing in the morning.  Fresh off their winter naps, birds singing their melodies is one of the delightful sounds that ushers in Spring.

Pattering rain. While we all love a cloudless, sunny day, there's something so relaxing about hearing rain patter off your rooftop and gutters.

Baseball. How loud is the sound of that bat hitting the baseball? The crack of the bat actually varies in pitch and intensity, depending not only on how hard the ball is thrown and where exactly it meets the bat, but on the kind of hit it produces. A 2014 analysis of baseball bat sounds found that a line drive in general produced the highest-frequency sound, amplified by sound systems in a stadium or on TV or radio.

Rustling leaves. Leaves fluttering in the breeze are just 20 decibels, close to the softest sound most humans can hear.  If you have trees around wherever you live, take a moment to enjoy their color and the sound of those leaves.

Buzzing mosquitoes. Ok, ok, you got us.  The sound of mosquitoes is definitely an unpleasant noise to hear, but a sound of spring nonetheless.  Their buzz comes in at about 40 decibels, which should be audible.  So if you hear that buzz, grab the bug spray so you don't get bitten!

If you are having trouble hearing any of these sounds, you may have a hearing loss.  Schedule a FREE hearing screening at your nearest Beltone location by calling us at 1-800-BELTONE.