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Benefits to Healthy Hearing

Like the old saying goes, “you’re only as old as you feel”.  While that’s a great mantra to live by, sometimes, no matter how we feel, our body will force us to believe otherwise.  It’s up to you to not only feel good, but staying active and keeping busy is a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Maintaining healthy hearing can also keep you feeling young.  Below are some incredible benefits to ensuring you have healthy healthy hearing.

benefits to healthy hearing
Posted 03-27-2019 by Nick Eugenis

Increased confidence
For those that have difficulty hearing, they will find themselves staying away from conversations.  They will keep to themselves during parties or even simple dinner gatherings because of simply not hearing conversations directed towards them.  Strong hearing can easily improve communication attempts and keep you involved in those around you each and every day.

Improved environmental surrounding awareness
Each and every day we hear a variety of sounds around us, many of which are essential to our safety and overall well-being.  Sounds like a car horn honking, sirens, alarms, babies crying, doorbells and more typically require immediate reaction.  When you can hear these sounds, you can react appropriately.  Reacting appropriately can keep you safe, especially if it involves walking down the sidewalk, or crossing the street.  hearing the sounds of cars honking or swerving are vital.

Increase of Social Benefits
When you are at a party and you have trouble hearing, you most likely will find yourself sitting alone on the couch pretending to watch TV, or if you are in a conversation, will not actively engage.  Many people are afraid to admit they have hearing difficulties, so they will pretend that they are listening, when they can't follow along.  If you have corrected hearing problems, you can engage fully, add to the conversation and perhaps even become the life of the party.

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