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Check out our blog to learn more about hearing health and hearing loss, hearing aids, and how a Beltone hearing care professional can help you or a loved one.
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loved one cant hear
10 signs your loved one has hearing loss

Unsure whether your loved one is having difficulty with their hearing? Read ahead for some of the most common hearing loss signs.

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spring moments
Enjoy the Moments and Sounds of Spring

What are your favorite sounds of the season? Birds singing good morning, crickets chirping in the evening, your grandchildren laughing as they play outside? Spring is a happy time of year full of family gatherings and activities with friends.

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Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Screenings

Are you considering an appointment with a hearing care professional, but want to know what’s involved? Beltone has the answers.

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woman sitting taking hearing test
Are Hearing Screenings Free?

If you’re noticing hearing loss, you may be considering getting your hearing professionally assessed. The good news is that Beltone makes the process for a hearing screening easy.

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Good Hearing Matters: A Principal’s Story

The chirp of a cricket. The hum of a refrigerator. The ticking of a grandfather clock. These are just a few of the sounds Krista Stump didn’t know existed until the age of 45. “I didn’t miss them,” she said, “because I didn’t know they were there.” The daughter of an Ohio dairy farmer, Krista never knew she had a hearing problem. In retrospect, she recalls she always sat in front of the class as a child. And, when she began her career as an elementary school teacher, she repeatedly urged her students to, “Speak up!”

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Hearing Amplifier vs. Hearing Aid: What’s the Difference, Anyways?

While reading a magazine or scrolling Facebook, you may have come across an advertisement for a “hearing amplifier.” What is it? And what’s the difference between a hearing amplifier and a hearing aid?

Don’t worry, we have the answers. Keep reading to find out more.

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Why You Should Wear Two Hearing Aids Instead of One

If you’ve determined that you suffer from hearing loss in both ears, don't settle for only one hearing aid. Here's why you should invest in two.

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talk to loved one about hearing loss
How to Talk with A Loved One about Hearing Loss

It’s not easy bringing up hearing loss with a family member or friend. The most common reaction is, after all, “hearing loss? Not me!” Whatever the reason your loved one gives for denying they have a hearing problem, it’s critically important that you have this conversation —because hearing loss not only takes its toll on everyday activities and social relationships, it can also threaten your loved one’s physical and mental health. 

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better hearing month
What Does the Month of May Mean to More than 11% of Americans?

May is Better Hearing Month, and more than 34 million Americans, (most over 65), have hearing deficiencies. Back in 1980, President Ronald Reagan, who struggled with hearing loss himself, designated May as the country’s official month to heighten awareness about hearing health.

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Celebrate Hearing & Speech Month with Beltone

Were you aware that the entire month of May is dedicated to Better Hearing and Speech? It gives those in this industry the opportunity to shed light on the millions of people who suffer from hearing loss, speech or voice impairment.

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Bring on the Summer: 5 Tips for Healthy Hearing During Warm Weather

Many parts of the country are already basking in beautiful warm weather, while others are slowly counting down the days to the first official day of summer. In either case, it’s important to understand how to take care of your hearing aids when the temperatures start rising.

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HCP Visit
Hearing Health Professionals: Who Does What?

So, you’re pretty confident you have hearing loss, or you took our Online Hearing Test and it reflected you had hearing loss. Your next step probably involved searching the Internet to figure out what you should do now.

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Can Better Hearing Reduce Your Risk For Alzheimer's?

Recent research suggests that improving hearing loss with hearing aids reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In 2011, a team of Johns Hopkins medical school researchers discovered a significant association between hearing loss and the risk of developing these unwanted cognitive conditions. 

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How to Let Someone with Hearing Loss Join in the Fun

For someone with hearing loss, social situations are challenging — even a simple conversation can be exhausting. If you have a friend or loved one who has hearing trouble — and hasn’t tried a hearing aid yet— you can help improve communication with them by following these 7 Tips for Talking with Someone with Hearing Loss.

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7 things you didn't know about hearing aids
May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It is an opportunity to spread awareness about hearing loss and communication disorders as well as the treatments available that can improve the quality of life for those who live with these challenges.

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10 Tips For Communicating With People With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can make communication difficult. Follow these simple tips to improve conversations with your hearing-impaired friends, family and co-workers.

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Check Your Hearing Quickly (and Easily) with an Online Hearing Test

If your ability to hear is deteriorating, the problem might be hard to pinpoint at first. Perhaps you’re asking people to repeat themselves frequently in conversation, or your family members are complaining that you keep the television volume too high. If situations like these occur repeatedly, you will likely reach a point where you want some answers about your hearing.

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