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Hearing loss before 50 possible link to higher risk of alcohol & drug issues

There are numerous reasons why it is important for you to ensure you have healthy hearing.  Avoiding a variety of medical difficulties down the line along with ensuring you aren't disconnected from loved ones and friends are just a few.  However, a recent article in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine discovered another potential link between hearing difficulty and a life threatening-issue: alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Prevent a Heart Attack — 3 Practical Pointers

Did you know that drinking water and taking aspirin at the right time of day can actually save you from a heart attack?

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The Best Ways to Break-Proof Your Bones

The thought of a broken bone — the cast, long recovery, missed activities, limited mobility, extra cost, rehabilitation — is especially frightening to older people. It takes longer for older bones to heal. And, many seniors — especially older women — are at a heightened risk for broken bones because of osteoporosis. 

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What Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Health

Take a close look at your fingernails. Notice anything unusual? Most people don’t realize that changes in their nails can often indicate a more serious medical condition. So it’s important to know how to “read your nails.”

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How Going Nuts Could Save Your Life

It’s not a joke. A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who eat a handful of nuts per day are 20 percent less likely to die early than those who skip the snacks. 

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The Healthiest Foods in the World

Back in the 1940s, a man named J.I. Rodale created what would become a famous list of health foods. The foods on the list are not only organic, they’re high in disease-fighting antioxidants, packed with essential fatty acids, and loaded with other vital nutrients. 

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Why an Eye Exam Could Save More than Your Vision

If your vision is getting blurry, it usually means you need a new set of glasses. But, in other cases, blurry vision is an important warning sign of a more serious medical problem. Doctors recommend a comprehensive eye exam every year because eye exams are about a lot more than eyesight.

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The Ancient Cure for Your Arthritis Pain

A 5,000-year-old practice may be just the cure for your arthritis pain. A growing number of seniors are finding that some simple, gentle, senior-friendly yoga exercises can greatly reduce the pain and discomfort from osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. 

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Could New Contacts Make Glasses Obsolete?

Most senior citizens have something in common: vision problems. According to the American Foundation for the Blind, 6.5 million Americans over age 65 have a severe visual impairment. But there’s a revolution underway — a whole new generation of comfortable contact lenses that enable seniors to sharpen their vision and say goodbye to their glasses.

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Can Better Hearing Protect You from a Bone Fracture?

In 2012, Johns Hopkins researchers found that people with impaired hearing had up to a three-fold higher risk of falling.
There are two studies being done trying to solve the problem by improving the hearing of study participants. The idea is based on our knowledge that hearing loss and falls may be connected because the ears play a central role in balance. 

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True “Happy Meals” — 3 Feel-Good Foods

Eating right doesn’t just make you healthier. It can also make you happier. Scientists are discovering more and more ways diet impacts mood. Some great ways to help curb crankiness can be found right in your grocery store. In this post, we’re spotlighting three “feel-good” foods. 

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aging heart
Ways to Stop Your Heart from Aging

Have you ever marveled at seniors who can run marathons and thought, “they’re young at heart.” Well, it’s not just because these marathon runners have a youthful spirit, it’s because they actually have young hearts.

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5 Dangerous Drug Mistakes

Mixing prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs incorrectly is dangerous— especially for seniors. A University of Chicago study found that at least one in 25 older American takes prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in combinations that trigger serious medical problems. 

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Sick of Being Sick? Try these 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Immunity

There’s no magic cure for the common cold, but there are several easy ways to boost your immunity and reduce your risk of getting sick. In this post, we highlight three all-natural and affordable ways to improve your defenses.

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Why Getting a Massage is Important for Seniors

A soothing massage can certainly help you relax, and it can soothe aching muscles, but massage is far more than a way of pampering yourself. Massage is increasingly being offered to seniors as standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions – from anxiety to digestive disorder to chronic migraines. 

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Why Walking — Even Slow Walking — is Great for Your Health

There’s good news for those of us who like to take the slow route. When it comes to exercise, we tortoises get the same health benefits as the hares. University of California, Berkeley researchers studied nearly 50,000 people over six years, and found that slow walkers and fast runners had similar reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. 

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Sing your Way to Better Health

Take a look at the choir in your church, or the fellow singing in the car next to you. They’re not just having a good time. They’re helping their health.

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Why a Trip to the Dentist Can Save Your Life

Your dentist isn’t just looking at the health of your teeth and gums. Your mouth is literally a window into your overall health — and dentists are often the first to see early signs of more serious diseases. 

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3 Ways to Improve Your Vision — Naturally

Here are two myths about your eyesight. 1. – your vision will inevitably deteriorate as a function of age and 2. – the only way to improve your vision is by getting glasses or surgery.

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Why Pets Can Help Seniors Live Healthier

Scientists studying the relationship between human beings and pets have found that pets do more than make us happier — they also make us healthier. And, several recent studies have shown that owning and handling a pet is especially helpful to seniors.
Seniors who care for pets live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives than their non-pet owning peers. 

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The Case for Napping—Why an Afternoon Snooze Fights Memory Loss

Winston Churchill was right. The British leader famously insisted on a daily afternoon nap. Even during the height of World War II, Churchill scheduled meetings around his naps. More than 65 years later, scientific studies show that Churchill was absolutely correct in demanding a siesta. 

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back pain exercises
Three Important Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

When your back aches, sometimes the last thing in the world you want to do is exercise. But, taking it easy is often the worst thing you can do. Done in a controlled manner, active back exercises distribute nutrients into the disc space and soft tissues of the back, keeping discs, muscles, ligaments and joints healthy. And for seniors, it’s especially important because vertebrae and cartilage wear down with age.

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