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Check out our blog to learn more about hearing health and hearing loss, hearing aids, and how a Beltone hearing care professional can help you or a loved one.
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Children with slight hearing loss do poorer in their schooling

Children with slight hearing loss are purported to do a little poorer in school and can potentially grow up with learning difficulties suggests a new study. 

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damaging hearing
Apple Releases New App to Help Battle Hearing Difficulties

Apple has released a new app that will help gauge the decibels in your surroundings

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Healthy Ears Make A Healthy Brain

Acting at the first sign of hearing loss is a great way to avoid future health difficulties such as dementia. 

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Ask the Expert: Hearing Care Practitioner Luz Parra

In our next installment of our “Ask the Expert” blog series, we’re featuring Luz Parra out of our Clermont and Kissimmee, Florida offices. Luz has been with Beltone for 12 years and in the hearing care business for over 22 years! Let’s get to know a little bit more about Luz. 

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Signs of Hearing Loss

One of the biggest steps when it comes to resolving hearing loss issues, it realizing you may indeed have hearing loss.  Whether it is because people don't know what the signs are, or they simply ignore them, you need to be aware of some of the most common signs of hearing loss.  What are they?

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Doug N
Ask the Expert: Hearing Care Practitioner Doug Niemiec

In our next installment of our “Ask the Expert” blog series, we’re featuring Doug Niemiec out of our Elyria and Ravenna, Ohio offices. Doug has been with Beltone for 10 years and in the hearing care business for 13 years! Let’s get to know a little bit more about Doug. 

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Ask the Expert: Hearing Care Practitioner Debra Conn

In our next installment of our “Ask the Expert” blog series, we’re featuring Debra “Debbie” Conn out of our Uniontown and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania offices along with our New Martinsville, West Virginia office. Debbie has been with Beltone and in the hearing care business for 24 years! Let’s get to know a little bit more about Debbie. 

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Troublesome Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Many people don't realize if you leave your hearing loss untreated, there is a good chance it can be gone for good.  If you believe you have any kind of hearing difficulty it is best to be proactive and visit your doctor or an audiologist to get your hearing checked.  Other reasons to be concerned for hearing loss, is how it can affect your health beyond just having a hard time hearing.  Hearing loss can lead to some dangerous diseases.  The following are some difficulties you may face if hearing loss is untreated:

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JoBeth Finnegan
Ask the Expert: Hearing Care Practitioner JoBeth Finnegan

In our third installment of our “Ask the Expert” Hearing Care Practitioner blog series, we’re featuring HCP JoBeth Finnegan out of Mansfield and Mount Vernon, Ohio. JoBeth has been with Beltone and in the hearing care business for six years. Let’s get to know JoBeth and why she is so passionate about hearing health! 

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Caring for Someone with Hearing Loss

Being a caregiver can sometimes be a thankless job, especially if the person you’re caring for has a hearing loss. Communicating becomes increasingly difficult as the stress level of the job at hand rises. To help shoulder some of the burden of caring for someone with hearing loss, here are some tips to take into consideration. 

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christmas toys
Christmas toys that might be too loud for children

The holiday season is in full swing and with Christmas just weeks away, you might have already done your holiday shopping.  If you haven't yet purchased items for your young children or grandchildren, be aware, there are some toys that could potentially cause hearing problems for their small ears.

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How to keep your hearing safe during football games

The football season is in full swing.  There’s nothing like being at the stadium cheering on your favorite team as they rush down the field to make a touchdown.  It’s fun, it’s exhilarating and it’s a weekly routine.  However, there is something that can eventually be harmful to your health at a football game other than the numerous hot dogs and beers; the sound.

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hearing protection
October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month.  Here at Beltone, we care about you and your hearing health.  This event is observed every October and is used to raise awareness over hearing issues that can arise from a variety of issues, many of which come from outside noises you may not think are bad for you.

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loved ones
Help a loved one with their hearing loss

Do you have a family or friend that is experience hearing loss?  Are they difficult to convince that they need help?  No one wants to be told they need to wear a hearing aid.  To many, it's a sign of old age, or an embarrassment.

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good hearing
Good hearing can lead to good health

Good hearing is vital to our everyday lives.  We are able to enjoy our favorite music, movies and conversations with friends and families. With good hearing, we always feel included as we understand what is around us.  What many people don't realize is that good hearing can lead to better overall health.

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US Presidents
United States Presidents with hearing loss

Having hearing loss can be a sensitive topic for many individuals.  It's can often be seen as a sign of getting older.  When the point in someone's life comes where they have difficulty hearing, it becomes difficult to accept it, and it's often ignored, which can be awful for your health.  While dealing with hearing loss is never a pleasant experience, it is not as uncommon as you think, and with a little help, hearing loss can be completely manageable.

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Hearing Trouble Can Lead to Big Health Issues

We all know hearing loss comes with a lot of difficulties in life.  Not being able to hear your loved ones or every day sounds is not the only thing that hearing difficulties affects.

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spring sounds
Can You Hear the Sounds of Spring?

Spring is a time for blooming flowers and fresh green forests. But can you hear the distinctive sounds of the season?

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hearing health
5 Reasons Why to NOT Put Off Hearing Health

When it comes to your health, it's best to never procrastinate when you think there are issues.  A growth on your skin shouldn't be ignored, a pain in your joints or backs can't be ignored, and even your own hearing, shouldn't be taken lightly.  Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely not be putting off checking on your hearing health.

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brian mccaskey
Chicago Bears Owner Discusses His Hearing Problem

Brian McCaskey couldn't watch a single play when the Bears lost to the Giants in an NFC divisional playoff game in 1991.  Not because the loss kept him from caring, but because he suffered from debilitating vertigo in his hotel that same morning.

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holiday party
How to hold a party without ignoring hearing impaired friends & family

Spending time with friends and family during the holiday season is one of the best things about the holidays. for some, however, the holidays can come with anxiety and fear. Sometimes, people with hearing loss are often afraid to attend workplace parties or even family gatherings because they cannot hear properly.  They are afraid of not engaging in conversation and don't want to annoy people by asking to repeat themselves.

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damaging hearing
5 Ways You're Damaging Your Hearing

Your ears are more sensitive than you think.  When you are young and carefree, playing your music loudly, going to concerts, or heading out to loud bars, doesn't seem like much of an issue.  

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happy hearing
Happy Hearing This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to reconnect with family, spend time with grand kids and nieces and nephews, and enjoy the company of good friends. But if you have hearing loss, it can also be an anxiety-provoking time of year as you worry if they will be able to join in the festivities.

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Relationship Between Winter & Hearing Loss

Wondering how to protect your hearing in winter weather? Here's everything you need to know. 

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brain training
Brain Training Could Help Combat Hearing Loss, Study Suggests

Many may not know, that hearing loss isn't only directly related to your ears. Recent studies have found that as people get older, the parts of their brain that process speech slow down, and it becomes especially difficult to differentiate one voice in a noisy environment with another. New research suggests there may be a way to help older people hear better: brain training.

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kids halloween
Halloween safety tips for hearing impaired children

Halloween is fun for many children.  Wearing costumes, collecting candy and spooking others is always a great time.  Halloween for hearing impaired children, however, can be difficult or even dangerous.  

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Your New Hearing Aids: 3 Phases of Adjustment

Congratulations on taking an important step toward improving your quality of life! Here’s what to expect as you make hearing aids a part of your everyday life.

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Everyday Noises That Can Cause Hearing loss

Make no mistake, our ears are sensitive.  Every day we put them through a lot.  While you may hear just fine now, continued exposure to every day noises may cause trouble down the road.  When we think of hearing loss, typically, one thinks about it as a symptom of old age, but it can affect anyone.  Particularly those who don't take care of their health and don't protect themselves against the loud noises of everyday life.

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Hearing loss: A side effect from taking Viagra

Notoriously, Playboy editor-and-chief Hugh Heffner is said to have lost his hearing prior to his death due to his frequent use of the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra. But what is the link between the little blue pill and hearing loss? We’ve got answers to your questions.

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Hear us on this: five facts for hunters and sport shooting fans

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month as well as the opening of hunting season in many areas. It’s a chance to remind hunters and those who enjoy the shooting range to be vigilant all year-round. 

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loved one cant hear
10 signs your loved one has hearing loss

Unsure whether your loved one is having difficulty with their hearing? Read ahead for some of the most common hearing loss signs.

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Why pretending to hear is bad and how to break the habit

This may be a familiar scene to you;  you are out with a group of friends, and you start chatting with someone you haven’t met before. The conversations going on next to you are quite loud and there may be music on louder than it needs to be.  Once your conversation starts, you are comfortable as you hear the basics such as their name and where they are from, but when the speaker goes to lengthier, more detailed information, you begin to lose context.  The music and surrounding conversations creep into your ears and take over the voice of the person right across from you.

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Cyclists are potentially at risk for hearing loss

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. But could you unknowingly be putting your hearing at risk? Here’s what you should know.

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My Dad's Story: A Journey to Better (But Not Perfect) Hearing

My dad, 69, just took the plunge and visited an audiologist to discuss his hearing loss and hearing aid options. He was kind enough to share his experience with me. For the record, he is a pretty blunt guy and not very effusive, so he's a good source when you want someone to shoot you straight.

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Telehealth: Making Hearing Care More Personalized

You’ve probably heard of telehealth, the provision of healthcare services remotely by means of telecommunication technology—your smartphone, computer, or wearable device. The trend is on the rise across all types of specialties, and hearing care is no exception.

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ear image
How Our Ears Hear

The human body and all it can do is marvelously complex, and our ears and ability to hear is no exception. When you become aware of how intricately designed our ears actually are, you will be that much more amazed by the technology that restores people’s hearing.

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