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Prevent a Heart Attack — 3 Practical Pointers

As we get older, men and women are at an increased risk for heart attacks. Here are some tips for keeping yourself healthy in the years to come.

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Protect Your Heart — Take our 5-Minute Cholesterol Test

What is the most important number in your cholesterol test? What foods are the worst for cholesterol levels? Why are high triglycerides so bad for your heart? Being able to answer these questions could save your life. 

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aging heart
Ways to Stop Your Heart from Aging

Have you ever marveled at seniors who can run marathons and thought, “they’re young at heart.” Well, it’s not just because these marathon runners have a youthful spirit, it’s because they actually have young hearts.

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blood pressure
Test Your Blood Pressure IQ: What Do You Really Know about Hypertension?

Does stress cause high blood pressure? Is cutting down on salt the best way to reduce high blood pressure? Should you avoid exercise if your blood pressure is high? 

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heart myths
4 Myths about Your Heart

Should we drink two glasses of red wine for our heart’s sake? What should you do if a friend complains of chest pain? Can depression really impact your heart health? Knowing how your heart works will not only improve your quality of life, it can save other peoples’ lives. 

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heart burn
Heart Burn or Heart Attack? 5 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Chest pain isn’t the only sign of a heart attack. Your body presents many warning signals that could be a heart attack or could be other health problems. Knowing how to read these signs could save your life.

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