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kids exercise
Childhood Exercise May Provide Defense Against Old Age Memory Loss

Parents often remind their children to "go outside, get some fresh air and play".  This advice is always good to keep kids from sitting in front of a TV or playing video games when they could be doing more exciting things.  New research says that making children exercise not only helps kids stay active, but protects them from potential memory loss as they grow older.

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brain games
Brain Games that Ward Off “Senior Moments”

Growing older doesn’t mean you’ll get absent-minded. A growing body of research suggests that you can improve your mental well-being —and minimize those senior moments—by exercising your brain. Just like you do with your body, experts recommend a regular regimen of exercise to keep your brain strong and fit.

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memory loss
Does Better Hearing Help Prevent Memory Loss?

Hearing may play a much more important role in brain health than previously thought. A growing body of evidence suggests that 
hearing loss may increase the risk of dementia. And, that treating hearing loss with hearing aids may help stave off cognitive decline and dementia.

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How is Your Memory Holding Up?

One of the best ways to preserve your memory is to know how memory works. What impacts your memory? What triggers your memory? Is it lack of attention, or lack of memory?

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Does Having Friends Make You Smarter?

Try to spend more time with your friends and family this week. It’s not just because it’s fun, it’s for your own health. A growing body of research suggests that socializing is not only key to maintaining your memory; it also helps ward off diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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3 Foods That Make You Smarter

Can your diet make you smarter? Yes. A growing body of research shows that the foods we eat play an important role not only in our physical health, but also in our everyday brain function. 

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The Case for Napping—Why an Afternoon Snooze Fights Memory Loss

Winston Churchill was right. The British leader famously insisted on a daily afternoon nap. Even during the height of World War II, Churchill scheduled meetings around his naps. More than 65 years later, scientific studies show that Churchill was absolutely correct in demanding a siesta. 

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