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How Cold Weather Affects Your Hearing Aids

Winter is upon us, and whether you’re an avid skier or just live in upstate New York, it’s important to know how this colder weather affects your hearing aids. Now, most hearing aids are designed to resist cold temperatures, but these winter conditions still call for a little extra vigilance for hearing aid users.  The dry, cold air can cause zinc-air batteries to drain faster than they usually might, and, without proper care, condensation can build up within the hearing aid, ca...

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hearing aids 101
Hearing Aids 101: Three Things to Know

How do hearing aids work?
Hearing aids, in theory, are basic for all they offer. There are three parts to a hearing aid:
  1. Microphone
  2. Amplifier
  3. Speaker

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can my hearing aid be invisible
Can my hearing aids really be ‘invisible’?

Common misconceptions about hearing aids are that they’re huge, bulky and everyone will know that you’re wearing them. All three of these misconceptions are exaggerated and couldn’t be further from the truth. At Beltone, we offer many different styles of hearing aids, including those that sit within in the ear canal, and are invisible to other people. Unless you have someone intentionally looking in your ear to find a hearing aid, no one will even know you’re wearing one! Here are three popular styles of hearing aids that are virtually invisible: 

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Now what
You just got a new hearing aid...Now what?

Although hearing aids aren't able to restore your hearing, these devices make the most of your existing hearing ability. The technology of hearing aids has progressed in such a manner that they can almost fully compensate for any lack of hearing.

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Your New Hearing Aid: Three Phases of Adjustment

Congratulations on taking an important step toward improving your quality of life. You will likely experience a lot of different thoughts and emotions over the coming months. 

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hearing aids 101
Hearing Aid Warranties

Learn more about the warranty solutions offered for Beltone's top-rated hearing aids!

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Beltone NanoBlock Coating Protects Your Hearing Aids

At Beltone, we pride ourselves in showcasing incredible advancements in technology that allow individuals to reclaim the ability to hear the sounds of everyday life. We have a variety of hearing aids that offer different benefits covering the different styles of hearing ailments that affect many. Since we know people rely on their hearing aids each and every day, we want to make sure that they are durable and will last a very long time.

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Hearing Aids: How They Work and Why They Could Work for YOU

So, the techie in you is curious about how your new hearing aid works. That, or you’re curious simply because you’ve never worn one before and want to know what to expect. Whatever the case may be, a firm understanding of how your hearing aids work is likely to increase how you use them, how often you use them, how much you enjoy them, and how well you take care of them.

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HearPlus™ App Now Compatible For Even More Android Users

We are excited to announce that our revolutionary HearPlus™ app is now, not only compatible with the Android® Samsung® Galaxy S5, but as of this week, it is now compatible with:

  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 6
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 6 Edge
  • Samsung Note® 4

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Beltone Legends Winner: Marilynn Moe

As part of our ongoing “Beltone Legends”  campaign, we would like to present our next winner, Marilynn Moe.

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loved ones
How To Talk to a Loved One About Getting Their Hearing Tested

You've noticed for a while now that your mom, grandparent, uncle, or dear friend doesn't seem to be hearing quite as clearly as they once did. You've had a nagging sensation that something is wrong, but you've put it off, hoping it will go away. It hasn't gone away. In fact, it seems be getting worse. 

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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

With modern technology making hearing aids tinier and more discreet every day, you may be one of many wondering, “how do hearing aids actually work?” Various takes on hearing devices have been around for centuries. 

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