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The role of the caregiver for someone with hearing loss

Hearing loss touches millions

Millions of people around the world experience some type of type of hearing loss. There are many reasons for hearing loss, with the most common being a natural result of the aging process.

As we get older, damage can occur to the nerves in the inner ear that relay sound to the brain. This damage is called sensorineural hearing loss and is usually permanent.


The good news about hearing aids:

The good news about hearing loss is, simply put, the quality of today’s hearing aids. Advancements in hearing care means those with hearing loss have many effective options for treatment:

  • Hearing aids can alleviate the symptoms of hearing loss as well as tinnitus.
  • A multitude of styles means there's a well-fitting hearing aid for every patient.
  • New features such as rechargeability and Bluetooth make hearing aids more convenient than ever.

Beginning with a free consultation, your local Beltone hearing care professional will be happy to lay out the hearing aid options available to your loved one.


Helping someone accept their hearing loss:

A frequent reaction from people with hearing loss is denial of their condition. Sometimes this response is due to a perceived stigma attached to hearing aids, and other times due to concerns about the cost or inconvenience of the process.

If your loved one is reluctant to seek out a solution to their hearing loss, Beltone can help. Click the link below for our tips on communicating with your loved one about their hearing loss.

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A special note on Alzheimer's disease and dementia

Studies have confirmed the link between untreated hearing loss and the development of Alzheimer's and dementia. Catching and treating hearing loss early may help to delay the onset of these conditions in your loved one. To learn more about the connection between Alzheimer’s and hearing loss, click the link below.

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