Dad and daughter playing pool with Jabra Enhance Plus
Dad and daughter playing pool with Jabra Enhance Plus

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are simple, streamlined and now available directly through Beltone—no appointment or prescription required! Now you can get started with a better hearing experience at a much lower cost.

Surprisingly Full Featured

Beltone is known for delivering cutting-edge hearing solutions that deliver powerful and convenient benefits to our hearing care customers. The OTC hearing aids we offer have many of the same features as our more sophisticated hearing aids.

Unbeatable Affordability

Beltone offers many affordable styles of hearing aids that utilize our industry-leading technology to deliver a superior hearing experience. With OTC hearing aids, the cost of entry to begin your hearing journey has never been lower.

Designed for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

Many people wait years to experience the difference that better hearing can make in their day-to-day lives. By making hearing technology easier to try, OTC hearing aids offer a streamlined solution for many Beltone customers with mild-to-moderate levels of hearing loss.

Buy Online or Pick Up in Person

With all the brands and styles available, shopping for new hearing aids may feel a bit overwhelming. Beltone makes your purchase experience easy, with options to ship your OTC hearing aids directly to you or pick them up from a hearing care professional at one of our many convenient locations.

No Appointment Required

Although it’s recommended that you first schedule a consultation with a hearing care professional to fully understand your hearing health needs, Beltone offers OTC hearing aids directly to customers like you without requiring an assessment.
jabra enhance plus hearing aid ear buds

Jabra Enhance™ Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus earbud hearing aids are available for $799 a pair and are rechargeable, weatherproof and perfect for streaming calls and audio.

Visit your local Beltone office to learn more and see if they’re right for you.

man at computer using tablet

Let's Find the Hearing Aid That's Right for You

Your hearing solution should be tailored to your unique hearing needs.

If you're trying to decide between the many types of hearing aids, Beltone is here to help you. Get started with a lifestyle assessment or connect and chat with a trusted Beltone hearing care professional.

audiologist using a computer

Take the Next Step

Don't wait any longer to begin your journey to better hearing. Beltone is ready to help you hear what matters the most to you.

Schedule a free hearing screening with a Beltone hearing care professional to explore your options.

woman wearing hearing aids outside
woman wearing hearing aids outside

Here for You Anytime, Anywhere.

Beltone is more than just a hearing aid store. At our local hearing aid centers nationwide, we offer a variety of services and resources to help you understand hearing loss and provide the answers you need. Beltone is your hearing care partner every step of the way.