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Blue365 Members

FREE Hearing Screening – and
Set Discounted Prices on Hearing Aids

Call 1-888-418-6763

Blue365 Members

FREE Hearing Screening – and
Set Discounted Prices on Hearing Aids

Call 1-888-418-6763

Beltone, your hearing care partner.

Welcome to Beltone, where you and your loved ones can enjoy exclusive savings on hearing care. Did you know that hearing loss affects approximately 1 in 8 Americans?¹ At Beltone, we know hearing loss has many causes, so we strive to help you find the right hearing solution for your needs. Drawing on our 80-year legacy of breakthrough hearing care, we want to empower you to hear what matters the most to you.

¹ National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

How to claim your Beltone Blue365 benefits:

The first step in your hearing journey is to schedule your free consultation with a Beltone hearing care professional. You can do that in one of three ways:

  • Call 1-888-418-6763 to speak with a helpful Beltone representative.

  • Click here to find a location near you and book your free appointment online.

  • Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

Remember to bring your Blue Cross Blue Shield member ID card to your appointment to take advantage of great discounts on your hearing care!

Beltone Blue 365 program details

As a Blue365 member, you and your immediate family (spouse, parents, grandparents, and children) receive one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available anywhere, including such benefits as:


FREE annual hearing screenings


Set discounted prices on Beltone hearing aids as low as $1,010.00


BelCare Lifetime Care™ – only available at Beltone!


FREE three-year manufacturer's warranty, including Loss, Stolen & Damage coverage


FREE three-year supply of batteries


Financing plans (with approved credit)

Enjoy the care and protection of Belcare™

Belcare is a key component of the Beltone Blue365 program that includes ongoing care and protection that covers you for the life of your hearing aids.  The Belcare program includes:
  • Annual Hearing Evaluation
  • Belcare Lifetime Care™
  • 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Patient Care Phone Line
  • Minimum Loss Required for Hearing Aids
  • Quality Control Review
  • Establishing Expectations
  • Adapting to New Hearing Aids
  • Better Hearing Verification
  • Warranty and 'Lost, Stolen and Damaged' Coverage
  • Two-Year Protection against Change in Hearing Loss
  • Code of Ethics

Learn more about Belcare 


Belcare™ Disclaimer

The complete Belcare Plan is available at participating Beltone Hearing Care Centers. Some restrictions and limitations apply. 30-Day Refund Policy varies by state. Written arrangements with third-party payers supersede this policy, when appropriate. Belcare is not supported by all third party payer contracts. For complete details, see your independent participating Beltone Hearing Care Professional. Beltone is responsible for limited Warranty, LS&D, and Hearing Loss Protection programs. The independent participating Beltone Hearing Care Professional is responsible for all other facets of Belcare.

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