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May is Better Hearing Month

Back in 1927 the month of May was designated Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness about the causes and treatments of hearing loss and speech impediments. And, on May 21, 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued a formal proclamation designating May as the official month to “heighten public awareness” about hearing loss and speech disorders.

His proclamation is as follows:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RONALD REAGAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month, and I call upon the people of the United States to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies and activities. (Proclamation 5486, May 21, 1986).

Couple walking springtime

Ronald Reagan is one among many famous people with hearing loss. Another is Helen Keller. In fact, Helen Keller once said that of all her sensory deprivations, she most missed her ability to hear. She noted that while blindness kept her separate from things, hearing loss separated her from people, and human connections.

The Best Time of Year to Save on Hearing Aids

During May, the hearing care industry encourages American citizens to get screened for hearing loss. Hearing care professionals nationwide make an effort to educate the public about hearing loss, and offer free, or reduced-price, hearing tests. May is also a great time to take advantage of incentives on hearing aids, and to learn about new hearing aid technology.

Hearing Loss is Gaining Ground

About 34 million Americans have hearing loss – that is 11% of the population. Further, the number of Americans with hearing loss has doubled over the past 30 years as younger people experience hearing loss due to noise exposure, and, as Baby Boomers age. Recent studies show that neglecting hearing loss can accelerate its progression; while correcting hearing loss with hearing aids can keep hearing impairment from getting worse.

Good News about Hearing Aids

Over the years, Better Hearing Month has successfully convinced many people to have their hearing tested! Hearing aids help over 90% of hearing losses, and, first-time hearing aid wearers report satisfaction ratings exceeding 90%. Hearing aids can help you:

  • Understand speech in both quiet & noisy situations
  • Fully enjoy phones, TVs, computers & stereos
  • Hear sounds in the world around you
  • Remain safe & independent
  • Feel less stress & fatigue due to straining to hear