Beltone hearing aid review: Cindy Thompson

Cindy Thompson was born with hearing impairment. She didn't seek hearing help until after she was married and well into her career. Listen to her describe how hearing aids let her grow on the job and in her personal life. And, how her experience at her local Beltone Hearing Care Center helped make the process so much easier than she expected it to be.

Cindy Thompson chooses Beltone:

My name is Cindy Thompson. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. My hearing impairment has been there since birth. I was born with nerve damage. Nobody really noticed it until I went to school. Then, my teachers recognized it when I wasn't responding. I was very shy. Or, I guess that was the effect of having the hearing loss, so I was kind of left to the side.

I majored in accounting. I had a career in accounting which is kind of a quiet career when you think about it. You're working with numbers, by yourself again. My husband, he had a very deep voice, he was easy to understand. He was very patient with me.

I was working as an accountant for a company and they had an opening at the time, and it just sounded like such a fun job to me, to be able to travel, and audit books of other companies. So, I applied for the job and I got it. I was thrust out into the world. I had to travel on my own, I began attending meetings and training sessions, I had to hear the speaker…I just needed help.

I had noticed Beltone ads before but then I saw an advertisement in a flyer for a free hearing test and I thought, OK, this doesn't mean you have to do it, but just go and find out about it, so I did, I went. The people were wonderful. They were not pushy. When I got my first hearing aid, I'll never forget, I heard things I'd never heard before. I love nature and I spend a lot of time outdoors. I love going fishing, that's one of my hobbies. Now, when I went into the woods and I had the hearing aid on, I could hear things, things I just never knew were there. I heard birds singing, I never heard birds singing before. I could hear the wind.

I had the True model. When I took them home, and was talking with my husband, he noticed a difference immediately.

Kathy, the dispenser, let me try the remote control. I took that home. We stopped at a restaurant and ate out and well, there was a lot of clanging noise in the kitchen, and it was loud to me, so I used the remote. Nobody could even see me changing the dial on my hearing aid. It blocked that clanging noise and then I was able to hear my husband more clearly.

Plus, they are so light. I don't have that plugged up feeling that you get when something's down in your ear, so the sound just feels more natural.

Instead of just being a follower, I've actually stepped into positions where I'm the leader now. I would never have done that before. I went from being just a very shy introverted person into…I will never be your most extroverted…but the things that I've accomplished I never would have accomplished without the hearing aids.
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