Beltone hearing aid review: Gerald Carnes

Gerald Carnes – Acworth, GA
I'm not sure my story is different than most men who eventually have to conclude that they do not hear things clearly as they once did. It is easy to rationalize, “If you speak louder, or quit mumbling, I could hear you!” Maybe it's male pride…..I guess we all have it, some more than others.

As a minister, it is important that I hear what people have to say. It was hard to admit that I was frequently asking people to repeat themselves. Of course, my wife noticed a hearing problem long before I did and would often suggest that I get a hearing test. One day after months of persistence, an ad from Beltone came in the mail. After opening the envelope, I handed it to my wife who promptly made an appointment for me.

The hearing test confirmed my suspicions. I had substantial hearing loss in both ears. I was greeted with a pleasant smile when I asked Dr. Davis, “Now what?”

She knew my livelihood is always being in front of people. I was pleasantly surprised when shown the Beltone True™ hearing aids….they were much smaller than I anticipated and when she programmed them for my hearing loss, I was shocked at the sounds around me. To my dismay, I realized that I had been missing a lot.

I was allowed to try the Beltone True™ 9-63DW hearing aids for a few days. When I returned to the office, I knew I needed to make an investment in my future. The first Sunday I wore them, I told my congregation about my experience and about my new hearing aids. Many people came to me afterwards saying they would have never noticed them had I not said anything. Several ladies actually thanked me for sharing my personal experience in hopes their husbands would get their hearing tested.

So for all you men reading this, your wife or friend is most likely onto something. Get your hearing tested. They are hardly noticeable and the hearing clarity is so valuable.

Thanks Beltone!

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