Beltone hearing aid review: Jonathan Brein

Jonathan Brein found Beltone after a hearing loss interfered with his career as a physician. After living aboard a sailing vessel with his wife and small daughters, and cruising America's coastline, he returned, determined to tackle his hearing loss. The Beltone hearing aid technology impressed him, especially the hearing aid's wireless features. Jonathan calls Beltone hearing aids the best hearing aids he's ever had.

Jonathan Brein chooses Beltone:

My name is Jonathan Brein. I am currently living in Chesapeake, Virginia. I am from Philadelphia originally. I was a private practice physician practicing anesthesiology for eleven years until I lost my hearing. I was having a lot of trouble in the operating room understanding people, and it got to the point where my attorney said to me, you've got to stop practicing.

It was difficult. My wife and I sold our house and we moved aboard a sail boat. We lived on the boat for almost 6 years. We had these two little girls, and we cruised all up and down the coast of the United States. And then eventually, I came back with my family, and we put our kids in school. We bought a house. We sold the boat. I had to start over again, so I started looking around.

I saw a big ad for Beltone, and I went into the Beltone branch near me and I was really amazed at what was being offered. Jennifer was the person that I met. Jennifer had an assistant with her that day, and they did a very thorough exam. I said, I want your BEST hearing aid.

And I went home and my wife looked at me and she said, “You're scaring me.” Because I was very quiet when I spoke with her. I was able to actually talk in a normal tone of voice, and I wasn't demanding that (she) please speak up, stop mumbling. There was something different about me.

The technology is wonderful. At home, with the home link, I can walk around the house because it's radio frequency, and I can listen to my program anywhere in the house and yet still have a conversation with somebody because it's coming in through my hearing aids at the same time.

It's thin, you can hardly see it. It takes up very little space behind my ear. Less feedback issues. It's also comfortable, and I'm getting truer sound.

It's the best hearing aid, it really is; it's the best hearing aid I've ever had.

People are in denial about their hearing loss, and they really need to take a look at the people close to them in their lives–their loved ones, because that's what it's about. You need hearing aids so the people in your life, those who love you, don't have to suffer with your loss.
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