Beltone hearing aid review: Laura Sorell

Laura Sorell – Yuma, AZ

My name is Laura Sorell from Yuma, Arizona. I'm writing this letter to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Beltone True™ hearing aids. I have had a hearing loss for about 8 to 10 years now with a habit of saying “huh” to everyone.

My Beltone True hearing aids have a very natural sound. I feel more relaxed and I'm able to communicate without difficulty. Watching TV or listening to the radio while having a conversation with my husband has been more enjoyable. We had company over this week and I was able to chat in conversations all day long.

Before wearing my new hearing aids, my husband said he heard a rattle in the car, but I never heard it. Now with my True hearing aids, I hear it and our car is in the shop getting fixed. The best thing about my new hearing aids is that I am now able to pick up sounds that I wasn't able to before. I think it is great that I can hear more things. It makes me feel more relaxed and not straining to hear things.

My husband Joe loves my new hearing aids. He says I'm not to be without them, so I wear them every day. We can now communicate with each other more at ease with the TV or radio on in the background. Our children have also noticed that I am not talking so loud anymore.

The Beltone True hearing aids are very light and comfortable to wear and people don't really notice that I'm wearing them. My hearing care practitioner even matched the color of the hearing aids with the color of my hair!

I would definitely recommend the Beltone True hearing aids to everyone.
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