Beltone hearing aid review: Robert Newell

From hearing aid technology that helped Robert hear in busy places, to using the phone with hearing aids, to forgetting he was wearing hearing aids altogether, Robert discusses the affect better hearing has on his life.

Robert Newell chooses Beltone:

The technology on these hearing aids is fantastic. It's made a big difference. These hearing aids are very comfortable. As a matter of fact, they are so comfortable that I sometimes go to bed with them, and then I have to get up and take them out. That's how comfortable they are. I don't even know I have them on half the time.

Talking on the phone is very difficult without the hearing aids. A lot of times I couldn't understand the person and I would pass the phone to the wife, and now I can talk on the phone with no problem at all.

I can hear more of the conversation at tables, and when there's a few people, several people in the same room–I can hear much better than I ever could before.

My family response has been very positive about me getting a hearing aid. Now, they said, they don't have to shout at me anymore. So, it has been a good experience for all.

The one word I would use to describe the hearing aids, the difference, is 'fantastic'. I am a very satisfied customer.
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