Beltone hearing aid review: Ruth Jolly

Ruth Jolly – Glen Ellyn, IL

I have struggled through life for so many years missing out on so much. I read lips and pretended to understand conversations. I missed out on the sermons at church and the wonderful music. Then I got my Beltone Promise™ hearing aids. Life has sincerely changed for me, I have hearing aids that are linked to my phone and when it rings I hear the caller directly in my hearing aids, I also have them linked to my television and can raise and lower the volume of my tv without anyone in the room knowing what volume I am listening to my tv at. My son who I live with has a Beltone myPal that is linked to my hearing aids and he can talk to me from the next room and I hear him as if he were right next to me. I no longer miss the sermons at church or the music specials or even conversation in resturaunts. I can even hear the sweet little songs that my great grandchildren sing to me, something that just broke my heart in the past that I couldn't hear. My only regret is that I waited so long to improve my quality of life when I could've been hearing like this all along.

Thank you Beltone for the most wonderful technology and the value. 
I would never go anywhere else.

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