Beltone hearing aid review: Ruth Thomas

Ruth Thomas – Apple Valley, CA

My Beltone True™ hearing instruments have made a big change in my life. Because of my hearing loss, I felt very isolated. At family gatherings, I was not able to hearing what was being said. I'd be smiling, but not understanding anything. My Beltone True™ 9-63DW hearing instruments have opened up a whole new world. I can be in on the jokes now! I am especially pleased that I can hear again in church. Even restaurants are not a problem; I can easily converse and keep up a conversation at a table.

At my birthday party I responded to a comment someone made and my family was surprised that I heard what was being said. I told them, “Yes, I can hear you so you better watch out!”

I was at a restaurant recently celebrating my sister's birthday and I was sitting at a table of over 15 people and was able to hear and participate in the different conversations around the table. My sister was so impressed!

At 87 years old, I feel that my new Beltone True hearing instruments have given me back my life. I can enjoy conversation again. I would recommend them to anyone. I feel like I'm living again.

I'm not just happy with my Beltone True's – I'm ecstatic!
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