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Beltone Hearing Aid Review: John and Sharon Bame

John and Sharon Bame – Toledo, Ohio

I would like to tell people of our experience with Beltone at the Heatherdowns location, Toledo, Ohio with Aaron Melch, Master Hearing Care Specialist and his associate, Kris. The moment I contacted the office to set up an appointment for my husband we were treated with efficiency and knowledge. Once the test was started till it was completed, we were extremely happy with the way it was all explained to us. All the questions answered and broke down into a way that both my husband and I would understand fully.

Getting these new hearing aids has been a blessing for the both of us. For my husband's sake, it was to save what hearing that he still had and to save the future of my hearing. We are so glad that we went and had the test and got my husband's life back on track.

Thank you Beltone and Aaron Melch and Kris.