man talking to doctor
man talking to doctor

Hearing Aids 101: Three Things to Know

If you're in the market for new hearing aids, here are a few things you should know.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound waves so that they can be heard more clearly by the person wearing the device. The process begins with a microphone that converts sound waves into electrical signals. These signals are then processed by an amplifier, which increases their power. The amplified signals are then sent to the ear via a speaker. This allows people with hearing loss to hear sounds that would otherwise be too quiet for them to hear without the aid of the hearing device.
Some hearing aids have advanced features like noise reduction, directional microphones, and wireless connectivity to help enhance the listening experience. Click here to learn more.

What are hearing aid stores?

Beltone offers hearing care services through brick-and-mortar stores across the country. There are several benefits to stopping by one of these locations:
  1. A hearing care professional can conduct a thorough hearing screening to determine the type and severity of hearing loss and make recommendations for the appropriate hearing aid. They can also provide a personalized fitting and demonstration of the hearing aid to ensure that it is comfortable and working properly.
  2. A hearing care professional can provide ongoing support, including adjustments, repairs, and maintenance of the hearing aid as needed. This can be particularly important for people who need frequent adjustments to their hearing aids or who have complex hearing needs.
  3. Buying hearing aids in person from a professional allows you to have a face-to-face consultation and the ability to test and compare different models and brands before making a decision.

What are digital hearing aids?

Digital technology has greatly advanced the world of hearing aids. No so long ago, hearing aids used analog signals to amplify sound. These analog hearing aids were inflexible and often provided the wearer with a less-than-natural listening experience.
Today’s digital technology – which is found in all of Beltone’s hearing aids – offers far more benefits to those with hearing loss. Most digital hearing aids allow you to toggle multiple listening programs that can be tailored to different listening environments, such as background noise or music. Plus, some digital hearing aids can automatically adjust to different listening situations, making them a lot more versatile.
More importantly, digital hearing aids provide clearer and more natural sound than analog hearing aids. They can also be programmed to amplify specific frequencies that the user has difficulty hearing, which can improve the overall listening experience.
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